1980-06-23   News installation  [PDF]

1981-05-16   New netnews
1981-06-14   Current usenet map
1981-08-24   News installation  [PDF]
1981-09-27   USENET membership
1981-10-09   Reading newsnet
1981-10-27   Version B netnews  More
1981-12-03   A new USENET map  More  More
1981-12-23   Proposed USENET policies

1982-01-11   Usenet Logical Map
1982-02-22   Illinois Notesfiles Update
1982-02-28   2.0 release of B news
1982-03-19   USENET System Information
1982-04-13   How do you read news?
1982-06-25   Release 1.0 of notesfiles available
1982-06-30   Suggested protocol for forwarding news fixes/improvements
1982-07-29   New USENET map
1982-10-04   Help wanted ads and for-profit info on netnews
1982-10-30   Usenet Logical Map
1982-11-30   Review of the Santa Monica USENET BOF
1982-12-04   List of Active USENET Newsgroups
1982-12-28   The USENET corporation, a whole new way to run usenet

1983-02-03   A visual news program
1983-02-15   Backbone sites needed
1983-02-28   USENET interchanged standard
1983-03-22   Proposed USENET backbone
1983-03-25   Test of 2.10
1983-04-06   Usenet logical map
1983-06-xx   Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages
1983-06-05   Release 2.10 of vnews
1983-07-24   The poster should pay for news
1983-07-28   Usenet, Inc. -- The Saga Continues
1983-08-16   Usenet Survey Results
1983-09-18   2.10.1 upgrade
1983-10-18   Backbone reorganization time
1983-11-08   Known News Versions in use
1983-11-08   The saga of netnews at Denver AT&T
1983-11-10   A good user interface for postnews
1983-12-15   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1984-03-01   notes in 4.2 BSD
1984-04-12   Any progress on version 2.11?
1984-06-03   A Primer on How to Work With the USENET Community
1984-08-21   List of Sites by Organization Name
1984-09-04   News 2.10.2 sources
1984-09-24   rn - New read news program  [PDF]  More
1984-10-01   vnews manual  [PDF]  More
1984-11-08   Known News Versions in use
1984-12-15   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1985-01-04   Screening software  More  More  More  More
1985-01-30   New vnews release
1985-03-15   List of Sites by Organization Name
1985-05-06   rn 4.3
1985-07-23   Usenet traffic  More
1985-09-01   The USENET Backbone
1985-09-07   The politics of groups
1985-09-14   Information Overload and What We Can Do About It
1985-10-20   Notesfile Reference Manual  [PDF]
1985-11-04   Elementary posting rules
1985-12-10   Known News Versions in use
1985-12-16   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1986-01-07   The cost of a message  More
1986-02-xx   Network News Transfer Protocol
1986-02-26   How to Read the Network News  [PDF]
1986-06-05   Usenet volume problems
1986-06-27   Usenet reorganization
1986-07-09   Five years of traffic
1986-08-31   A Primer on How to Work With the USENET Community
1986-09-25   News version 2.11
1986-11-01   The USENET Backbone
1986-12-16   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1987-01-xx   News Need Not Be Slow  [PDF]
1987-02-07   Copyright status of the netnews software  More
1987-02-28   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1987-07-26   Expiration dates
1987-10-06   C news alpha release
1987-11-12   C news bulletin
1987-12-xx   Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages
1987-12-02   USENET Software: History and Sources
1987-12-02   The USENET Backbone
1987-12-16   List of Active USENET Newsgroups
1987-12-23   C news, traffic volume

1988-01-01   The USENET Backbone
1988-02-21   Major new netnews release
1988-02-27   Free News/Mail Feeds Available
1988-02-27   C News Bulletin
1988-03-08   3.0 news -- clearing up confusion
1988-05-18   Handbook on UUCP and Usenet
1988-06-01   The USENET Backbone
1988-06-03   Third party email through AT&T machines  More
1988-06-14   News 3.0
1988-06-24   Cnews vs. News 3.0
1988-10-10   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1988-10-24   Some interesting news stats
1988-10-30   C news, how far off?
1988-12-30   List of Active USENET Newsgroups
1988-12-31   CNEWS big release

1989-01-30   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1989-03-17   Usenet Installation Guide  [PDF]
1989-03-17   How to Use Usenet Effectively  [PDF]
1989-03-17   How to read the network news  [PDF]
1989-03-17   Procedures for Creating New Newsgroups  [PDF]
1989-03-17   The Hacker's Guide to News 3.0 (beta level 7)  [PDF]
1989-03-19   tmn-3.0 & c-news compatibility with B-news readers
1989-04-02   TMN-netnews progress report
1989-05-15   TMNN 7.7 finally lifts off
1989-06-06   Netnews User Interfaces
1989-06-08   Live News & Professional Electronic Publications in USENET Format
1989-06-09   C News released  More  [PDF]  More
1989-07-04   Review of NN, a Usenet news reader
1989-07-12   TMNN status report  More
1989-08-06   Where does cnews live?
1989-08-11   Cnews is not for me
1989-08-13   Where can I get previous posts to the net news?
1989-09-13   TMNN 7.8 is on uunet
1989-08-18   Why call it C news?
1989-11-06   News Versions Currently in Use
1989-11-07   Which should I use? B or C?
1989-11-26   Usenet on CD-ROM
1989-12-23   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1990-03-17   Guide to Macintosh netnews reader
1990-03-17   Guide to VMS Vax news readers
1990-04-18   What's the status of News 3.0 (TMNetNews)?
1990-06-12   netnews storage representation
1990-06-24   Attempting to write a history of USENET  More
1990-08-29   Cnews vs. Bnews
1990-09-24   History of usenet mailist
1990-10-05   Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
1990-10-05   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1990-11-08   List of Active USENET Newsgroups

1991-02-03   The Interface Between C News and the Outside World  [PDF]
1991-04-30   Information about finding sources
1991-05-20   Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
1991-05-20   What is Usenet?
1991-05-21   Annotated Bibliography on C News  [PDF]
1991-06-18   Seeking beta-testers for a new NNTP transfer system
1991-08-27   C News patch
1991-09-08   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1991-09-10   rn 4.4
1991-10-12   Lots of History
1991-12-07   List of Active USENET Newsgroups
1991-12-14   Troubleshooting C News  [PDF]

1992-01-06   C News  More
1992-01-06   B News to C News Transition Guide  [PDF]
1992-01-17   USENET News Available on CD-ROM  More
1992-02-02   C News milestone
1992-02-20   News Versions in Use
1992-03-02   Bury Usenet
1992-04-03   News requires redesign and re-implementation
1992-05-03   C News Performance Release
1992-06-16   Old Usenet News on CDROM(s)
1992-07-19   A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
1992-07-24   USENIX Summer '92 Conference Report
1992-08-20   Announcing the release of InterNetNews
1992-08-30   ARPANET History?
1992-10-19   List of Active USENET Newsgroups
1992-12-16   How to find sources

1993-01-11   Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet
1993-01-15   How to find sources
1993-03-24   InterNetNews 1.4
1993-04-29   That's all, folks - Gene Spafford

1994-03-04   Tk threaded newsreader project
1994-03-04   Newsgroup archives  More  More  More
1994-06-08   Old version Unix Manuals wanted
1994-09-27   C News Cleanup Release

1995-02-11   News articles backup failure
1995-05-10   Date of all newsgroups formation wanted
1995-08-03   DEJANEWS -- Free Usenet searching
1995-12-05   Newsgroup Archives

1997-07-14   The Post Man Always Saves Twice

1998-04-23   Archive for the History of Usenet Mailing List  More

1999-05-24   What does it take to make a buck off of Usenet?
1999-08-31   Old USENET / Netnews (pre-Dejanews) archives

2000-10-25   Usenet Sale: Sounds to Silence?
2000-11-xx   Who Uses Usenet Anymore?

2001-05-xx   alt.recovery
2001-12-11   20 Year Usenet Archive Now Available  More
2001-12-11   Magi's NetNews Archive Involvement

2002-01-07   The geeks who saved Usenet