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Subject: DFTSUB/ADMSUB follies and a TMNN status report
Summary: light at the end of the tunnel...
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Date: 12 Jul 89 06:12:27 GMT
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I'm at MIT this week working with Ted T'so and Ambar to smash the 4.3 bugs
out of TMNN. At the moment I am experiencing a vast sense of vindication
because after two *long* days of grovelling through the code both of
the serious bugs we have tracked down have been in other people's

Question for the assembled: does anyone called about DFTSUB and ADMSUB
any more?  They are ignored by all "third-party" news readers that I
know of, and easily defeated (in the case of ADMSUB) by a knowledgable
user with a text editor.  DFLTSUB doesn't seem to be very useful in an
environment which gives a new news user a .newsrc containing every
group in the active file.  Our inclination is to remove these two bits
of cruft, unless someone wants to make compelling arguments that they
should stay.

More later, but it's late and I must sleep...

	Eric S. Raymond

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

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