"Working for Steve Jobs is not the easiest task ... He tends to interpret events in a light that confirms his own view of things - what some call Jobs' 'reality distortion field.'" Steven Levy, March 1, 1984.

"... the world is so non-technical ... People are so non-technical, they actually listen to that stuff with a straight face. It's a 68030 in a box, with a famous guy behind it." Bill Gates, November 14, 1988.

For You, The Outfield © 1990 Geffen Records.

"Steve's problem is his blind spots: It's what we at Apple called the Steven Paul Jobs reality distortion field." Jean-Louis Gassee, April 29, 1991.

"It is no longer possible ... to understand everything that is going on. Networking, processors, linguistics ... are just a subset of the technologies that will affect Microsoft." Bill Gates, May 16, 1991.

"You have to know when to hold back. If the takeoff curve in something is very gradual, then the early guys who pay extra money and take extra risk aren't protected." Bill Gates, August 25, 1991.