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Subject: Release 2.10 of vnews (a visual news reading program)
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Date: Sun, 5-Jun-83 23:22:10 EDT
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Posted: Sun Jun  5 23:22:10 1983
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I have posted release 2.10 of vnews to net.sources.  Unlike the
previous release, this release at least	attempts to be portable.
A number of new	features have been added, including all	the new
2.10 features except the digest	command.

For those of you who didn't see	the previous release, vnews is a
CRT oriented interface to readnews.

- Yes, Mr. Ritchie, the	same command (return) is used both to
  display more of the same article or the header of the	next one.

- Yes, tekecs!mcg, code	for followups and replies is broken out
  into separate	shell procedures.

- Yes, hplabs!kg, vnews	always displays	the current newsgroup at
  the bottom of	the screen so you won't	forget it.

- Yes, rlgvax!guy, vnews allows	you to reply when you get to the
  last page of the article rather than after you display the
  header of the	next one.

- Yes, cdi!caf,	vnews strips off the notesfile header.	(It
  leaves the "-	(nf)" on the title so you will know that the ti-
  tle may have been truncated.)

- Yes, cornell!hal, if you exit	the editor without writing the
  file,	the mail will not be sent.  But	no, vnews will not group
  articles by topic or date; vnews is simply a different inter-
  face to the article selection	routines in readnews.

Although these particular features were	in vnews before	any of
the articles were posted, I am always looking for new ideas, so
take a look at vnews and then post some	more suggestions.
				Kenneth	Almquist

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