Lots of History

Bruce Jones (bjones@weber.ucsd.edu)
Sat, 12 Oct 91 10:43:39 pdt

Last week, Dave Galloway at the Computer Science Research Institute
in Toronto sent me 12, 2400ft mag tapes with old news on them.
The tape archive stretches from 1982 to 1988. While I don't have
enough room on disk to store even a fraction of the old news (who
would know what to store anyway :-) I did run tape directories on
the tapes and they are available in the usenet.hist archive, via
remote ftp, on this machine.

I will continue looking for other tape archives. I would like to
complete a collection of just a few groups, most notably net.news,
net.announce.newusers and net.general and their post-renaming
counterparts. If you know of any available archives, please let
me know.

If you want access to any of the files on these tapes, don't
hesitate to ask. I don't exactly know how I would work out the
transfer but I'm more than willing to share this stuff.

My thanks to Dave Galloway for sending the tapes and to Mark Moraes,
who brought the archive to my attention.



Copyright 1991