1993-11-11   NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh 1.0
1993-11-11   NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0
1993-11-22   Mosaic compiled with Motif 1.2

1994-01-27   Silicon Graphics Departure of Founder
1994-02-17   Cello v1.0 released
1994-04-xx   Chris Wilson Signs on with Spry Inc
1994-04-07   NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows v2.0alpha3 release
1994-04-12   Enhanced NCSA Mosaic
1994-04-29   WWW Job offering at Spry Inc
1994-05-xx   Mosaic Creators Bolt NCSA To Join Commercial Venture
1994-05-06   New Venture in Cyberspace by Silicon Graphics Founder
1994-05-09   Introduction to Mosaic Communications
1994-06-01   Spyglass Signs Agreement with NCSA
1994-06-01   Digital to Provide Mosaic with its Computer Systems
1994-07-06   User-agents
1994-08-05   Mosaic Communications (Netscape) Selects Client Name: Mozilla
1994-08-24   U. Illinois Assigns All Future Mosaic Licensing to Spyglass
1994-09-13   Companies Unveil Products for Use Of the Internet
1994-09-14   Navigating with the WebExplorer
1994-09-26   How the Internet was Tamed
1994-10-xx   Illinois's Boys Make Noise. And they're doing it with Mosaic
1994-10-xx   The (Second Phase of the) Revolution Has Begun
1994-10-11   IBM WebExplorer
1994-10-13   Mosaic Communications Offers New Network Navigator
1994-11-14   Mosaic Communications Changes Name
1994-12-12   NCSA Mosaic - 1994 Product of the Year - Awards
1994-12-15   Netscape Navigator 1.0

  Netscape 1.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1994-12-21   University of Illinois and Netscape Communications Reach Agreement
1994-12-23   Jim Clark sends e-mail to Brad Silverberg

1995-01-11   James Barksdale Joins Netscape Communications as President and CEO
1995-01-17   NCSA Enters Microsoft World
1995-01-24   Silicon Graphics and Netscape to Deliver World Wide Web Systems
1995-02-01   NCSA Mosaic Wins Industry Week Award
1995-02-10   Smarr Nominated to National Academy of Engineering
1995-03-09   AT&T GIS among six to license Enhanced Mosaic 2.0 from Spyglass
1995-03-14   CompuServe Buys Spry
1995-04-05   Peter Currie Joins Netscape as Chief Financial Officer
1995-05-05   NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide
1995-06-02   Microsoft and Netscape Discuss Relationship in Detail
1995-06-21   Netscape, Microsoft Discuss Technologies and Possible Aspects of a Partnership
1995-08-09   Netscape Announces Initial Public Offering
1995-08-17   Internet Explorer 1.0

  Internet Explorer 1.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1995-09-18   Netscape Navigator 2.0

  Netscape 2.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1995-10-xx   Chris Wilson Switches Teams at Microsoft.
1995-10-07   Netscape and others v Microsoft
1995-10-11   NCSA Mosaic 2.0

  NCSA Mosaic 2.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1995-10-30   Netscape Cuts Prices on Netscape Server Software
1995-10-31   Netscape and IBM Sign Agreement
1995-11-27   Internet Explorer 2.0

  Internet Explorer 2.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1995-12-07   Microsoft and Spyglass Announce Cross-Platform Internet Technologies

1996-01-23   Microsoft Announces Microsoft Internet Explorer Beta Version for Apple Macintosh
1996-02-13   Compaq and Netscape Announce Strategic Partnership
1996-03-06   Final Versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 Available in 22 Languages
1996-03-11   America Online and Netscape Announce Marketing and Technology Alliance
1996-03-12   AOL, Microsoft Announce Strategic Partnership
1996-04-15   Netscape's Barksdale explains how to give software away
1996-04-16   Explorer Catching up with News, Mail
1996-04-23   Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 2.0 for Macintosh
1996-05-01   Netscape outpaces Microsoft in "browser wars"
1996-05-10   Navigator a threat to Windows, Microsoft VP Steve Ballmer speaks
1996-05-29   Microsoft Introduces Internet Explorer Administration Kit
1996-06-09   America Online 3.0

  AOL 3.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1996-06-19   Netscape Navigator Surpasses 38 Million Users
1996-07-01   Browsers: The Race Heats Up
1996-07-12   Battle of the browsers: Microsoft, Netscape vie to master Web
1996-07-15   Netscape: Sitting Pretty--or Sitting Duck?
1996-07-29   Microsoft Strengthens Cross-Platform Commitment For Microsoft Internet Explorer
1996-08-13   Internet Explorer 3.0

  Internet Explorer 3.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1996-08-13   Microsoft Delivers State-of-the-Art Web Security
1996-08-26   Netscape and Microsoft butt heads in Internet battle
1996-09-10   Netscape Navigator 3.0

  Netscape 3.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1996-09-16   If Microsoft overwhelms Netscape, Bill Gates could rule the Information Age
1996-10-10   Sun's Schmidt and Netscape's Andreessen to Address Netscape Developers
1996-10-15   Netscape Announces Strategy to "Embrace and Integrate" Microsoft Platforms
1996-10-22   Browsers at the Crossroads
1996-11-05   Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta Software Now Available for Macintosh Users
1996-11-20   Netscape Outlines New Technology Code-Named "Constellation"
1996-12-16   IBM Announces Availability Of Netscape Navigator for OS/2
1996-12-17   IBM, Lotus, Netscape, Novell, Sun Microsystems: Plans For Internet Training

1997-01-03   Spyglass Will Exercise Right To Audit Microsoft
1997-01-07   NCSA Mosaic 3.0

  Mosaic 3.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1997-01-08   Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 for Macintosh
1997-01-22   Spyglass, MS Settle Differences
1997-02-05   Continental Airlines Selects Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
1997-02-10   Netspeed at Netscape. How to outrun Microsoft
1997-03-11   Sun Microsystems to Ship HotJava Browser 1.0
1997-03-25   MS upgrades Explorer to 3.02
1997-03-25   Internet Explorer Security - An Open Letter
1997-05-14   Microsoft Announces New Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.1 for Macintosh
1997-06-24   Microsoft Obtains Government License For Export of 128-Bit Encryption
1997-07-15   Microsoft Delivers "The Web the Way You Want It" With Preview Release Of IE 4.0
1997-08-08   Microsoft "World Wide Live" Brings Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Technologies
1997-08-18   Netscape 4.0

  Netscape 4.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1997-08-18   Digital, IBM, HP, Novell, SGI and Sun Bring Netscape to Enterprise Customers
1997-08-19   Microsoft Kicks Off IE 4.0 Countdown With Launch Of "Reserve Your Copy Early"
1997-09-09   Microsoft Announces First Open Security Solution for Worldwide Online Banking
1997-09-16   Spyglasses' second coming
1997-09-30   AOL Browser Features/Functionality Table
1997-10-xx   Chris Wilson Becomes Program Manager at Microsoft.
1997-10-01   Internet Explorer 4.0

  Internet Explorer 4.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1997-10-10   Netscape Names Eric Hahn as Chief Technology Officer
1997-10-13   Over 2,000 Corporations License Internet Explorer Administration Kit 4.0
1997-10-21   Netscape beats estimates
1997-10-27   Microsoft Internet Explorer Plus Now Available at Retail

1998-01-05   Netscape Rung by New Year's Loss
1998-01-06   Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 for Macintosh
1998-01-21   Microsoft Releases IE 4.0 Featuring Outlook Express For Users of Windows 3.1
1998-02-24   Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 4.0 for UNIX
1998-02-24   Microsoft Delivers Internet Explorer Administration Kit 4.01a
1998-03-02   ISVs Voice Overwhelming Support for Browser-Operating System Integration
1998-04-06   Spyglass Becomes Systems Integrator for Microsoft Windows CE
1998-04-18   Chris Wilson Presents "Style Sheets in Internet Explorer" at WWW7
1998-06-04   Netscape Outlines Strategy for Net Economy
1998-07-30   AOL 4.0

  AOL 4.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1998-08-09   Netscape Taps Industry Exec to Serve as EVP, Chief Operating Officer
1998-08-24   Microsoft Delivers Internet Explorer for HP-UX Platform
1998-10-01   Microsoft's Web Browser Overtakes Netscape's
1998-10-12   Jim Clark is Off and Running Again. Can he ring up another blockbuster?
1998-10-19   Netscape 4.5

  Netscape 4.5 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1998-11-24   America Online to Acquire Netscape Communications
1998-11-24   America Online and Sun Microsystems Form Strategic Alliance
1998-12-xx   Spyglass Reborn
1998-12-07   Power Play: AOL-Netscape-Sun
1998-12-07   Sun Needs a Disposition to Match
1998-12-08   Customers Report High Level of Satisfaction With Internet Explorer 5 Beta Release
1998-12-21   Netscape and Vendors Build Momentum for Netscape Net Economy Solutions

1999-01-05   Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Mac
1999-01-29   Class Action Lawsuit Against Spyglass
1999-03-17   America Online Completes Acquisition of Netscape Communications
1999-03-18   Internet Explorer 5

  Internet Explorer 5.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1999-03-18   MSN Announces New Customized Version of Internet Explorer 5
1999-03-24   America Online Announces New Organization to Integrate Netscape
1999-03-30   America Online and Sun Detail Product Strategy of Sun-Netscape Alliance
1999-03-31   Microsoft Delivers Industry's First XML-Compliant Browser
1999-04-13   Exodus of Netscape Executives
1999-05-18   Netscape Communicator 4.6
1999-05-26   Andreessen Preaches AOL Religion
1999-07-21   Sun-Netscape Alliance Sees Partner Momentum Build in First 100 Days
1999-07-21   Momentum Grows for Sun-Netscape Alliance E-Commerce Solutions
1999-08-30   Sun-Netscape Alliance's Vision for Net Economy Integration Amasses Support
1999-09-10   AOL Replaces Andreessen With Sun Executive
1999-09-30   Netscape 4.7
1999-10-01   Key Netscape Executive Ariko Stepping Down
1999-10-05   AOL 5.0

  AOL 5.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

1999-10-19   Microsoft Announces Availability of Outlook Express 5 Macintosh Edition
1999-12-01   Microsoft prepares IE 5.5
1999-12-03   Communicator browser delayed another two months

2000-01-05   Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition
2000-01-05   Microsoft IE 5 Mac Edition the Fastest, Simplest and Most Reliable Mac Browser
2000-02-24   Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer for the Pocket PC at CeBIT
2000-02-24   Sony Licenses Microsoft Mobile Explorer
2000-03-27   Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition
2000-03-27   IE 5 Changes How Mac Users See the Web
2000-04-05   Netscape Launches Next-Generation Netscape 6 Browser
2000-04-05   Netscape Announces Availability Of Javascript 1.5 In New Netscape 6 Browser
2000-04-05   America Online Launches Next-Generation Netscape 6 Browser
2000-04-18   Patent demands may spur Unisys rivals in graphics market
2000-06-13   AOL Browser Features and Functionality Table
2000-07-06   IE's lead over Netscape lengthens with new version
2000-07-12   Internet Explorer 5.5
2000-07-20   Netscape Communicator 4.74
2000-07-20   For the Good of the Web: An Open Letter to Netscape
2000-08-10   Netscape Allows Java Applets to Read Protected Resources
2000-10-25   MSN Explorer
2000-10-25   AOL 6.0

  AOL 6.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2000-10-26   Netscape 4.76 a "maintenance" upgrade
2000-11-xx   Browser Incompatibilities Undermine Web's Foundations
2000-11-02   Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1
2000-11-14   Netscape 6.0

  Netscape 6.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2000-11-30   Did Netscape jump the gun with new browser?
2000-12-04   Sun Continues Strong Relationship with Apache Software Foundation

2001-02-19   Microsoft Mobile Explorer 3.0 Provides Tomorrow's WAP 2.0 Functionality Today
2001-04-02   Netscape Communicator 4.77
2001-04-12   AOL: Summary OEM Strategy Response to .Net/XP
2001-04-18   AOL: Summary OEM Strategy Response to .Net/XP - Full
2001-04-25   AOL Considering Dropping IE
2001-05-03   AOL Marshals Troops Against MS XP Offensive
2001-05-17   Is Netscape Losing the Browser Wars?
2001-05-25   AOL, MS to Finalize Deal for XP Real Estate
2001-06-04   Will AOL miss the window for Windows XP?
2001-06-16   AOL, Microsoft dissolve Windows XP talks
2001-07-02   AOL's Point Man in the Web War
2001-07-02   Why AOL Nixed a Microsoft Deal
2001-07-19   Netscape Communicator 4.78.
2001-08-08   Netscape 6.1
2001-08-28   Internet Explorer 6.0

  Internet Explorer 6.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2001-09-10   AOL Browser Features and Functionality Table
2001-10-16   AOL 7.0

  AOL 7.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2002-01-22   Netscape Files Suit Against Microsoft For Violations of the Antitrust Laws
2002-04-30   Reading local files in Netscape 6 and Mozilla
2002-05-16   AOL Webmaster Info
2002-06-05   Mozilla 1.0

  Mozilla 1.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2002-08-29   Netscape 7.0

  Netscape 7.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots

2002-09-12   IE6 Fix Is Incomplete, Security Experts Say
2002-10-15   AOL 8.0

2003-01-07   Apple Unveils Safari. Fastest Web Browser Ever Created for the Mac
2003-01-07   Greetings from the Safari team at Apple Computer
2003-01-14   Apple snub stings Mozilla
2003-05-29   Microsoft to pay AOL $750 million
2003-05-29   AOL Time Warner and Microsoft Settle Pending Litigation
2003-06-09   Bell tolling for PNG graphics format?
2003-06-23   Safari 1.0
2003-07-01   Netscape Founder Says Web Browsing Innovation Dead
2003-07-15   AOL lays off Netscape developers
2003-07-24   AOL Names John McKinley as Chief Technology Officer and President
2003-07-31   America Online Introduces AOL 9.0 Optimized
2003-08-05   America Online Launches AOL Communicator
2003-08-11   Microsoft ordered to pay $521 million
2003-08-15   Microsoft Outlines Specific Steps to Help Ensure PC Security
2003-08-29   Will Microsoft tweak IE?
2003-09-11   IE patent endgame detailed
2003-09-17   AOL 9.0 Optimized
2003-09-19   Eolas says it would settle over IE
2003-09-20   Comments on Eolas vs Microsoft, and the Viola Prior Art
2003-09-25   Rivalries set aside in defense of Internet Explorer
2003-10-06   Microsoft Announces Steps to Address Eolas Patent Ruling
2003-10-07   Microsoft tweaks Explorer to address ruling
2003-10-08   Eolas files motion to enjoin IE
2003-10-29   W3 Presents US Patent Office with Evidence Invalidating Eolas Patent
2003-10-29   Web group backs Microsoft in patent suit
2003-10-31   Web patent critics spotlight old technology
2003-11-05   Microsoft Announces Anti-Virus Reward Program
2003-11-11   Patent office to re-examine Eolas patent
2003-12-09   AOL lays off 450 California employees

2004-01-14   Judge rules Microsoft infringed on Eolas patent
2004-01-29   Microsoft Holds Off on Eolas-Related Changes To Windows, Internet Explorer
2004-01-29   Microsoft Offers Reward for Information Leading to MyDoom.B Perpetrators
2004-03-05   Feds reject Eolas browser patent
2004-05-08   Microsoft Reward Program Helps in Arrest Related to Sasser Internet Worm
2004-08-17   Netscape 7.2
2004-08-25   Feds Bust File-Sharing Sites
2004-08-26   Microsoft Lauds U.S. Department of Justice's Cybercrime Sweep
2004-08-31   Patent: Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs
2004-09-10   Microsoft Wins 'Tabbed Browsing' Patent
2004-10-14   Netscape 7.2 Browser Passes Four Million Download Milestone
2004-10-27   Internet Explorer - How to determine which version is installed
2004-11-09   Firefox 1.0

  Firefox 1.0 - Click here to see full-size screenshots