560125   AT&T settles antitrust case - See document  [PDF]

640301   Bell grows two billion dollars bigger - See document  [PDF]

650617   Bell Labs places big IBM order - See document  [PDF]

710319   Data processing ruled on by FCC - See document  [PDF]

720315   Writings on UNIX

7302xx   Unix Programmer's Manual Third Edition - Introduction  [PDF]
7311xx   Unix Programmer's Manual Fourth Edition - Introduction  [PDF]
731201   Software agreement: Western Electric and the Regents of UC  [1.4 MB PDF]

7407xx   The UNIX Time-sharing System  [PDF]
741121   AT&T Replies 'Astonished'. Warns Break-Up Would Raise Rates - See document

750210   Keeping Ma Bell in one piece - See document  [PDF]
7505xx   Unix Programmer's Manual Sixth Edition - Introduction  [PDF]
750514   Network Unix
750626   Unix Sixth Edition  Documents  Unix for Beginners  [PDFs]

760913   Computers at Bell learning to speak and listen politely - See document [PDF]

770109   IBM vs. AT&T - The coming struggle - See document  [PDF]
770130   Ex-1.1
770610   On the Security of Unix  [PDF]

780528   Ma Bell's great dream machine: Bell Laboratories  [PDF]
7807xx   An Introduction to the Unix Shell  [PDF]
780906   7th Edition Unix  Supplementary Documents  [PDFs]
781002   Unix For Beginners  [PDF]

790309   UNIX/32V  [PDF]
7904xx   Ex Reference Manual  Changes  VI  Edit: A Tutorial  [PDFs]