910930   Sun Unveils Powerful, Affordable Multiprocessing Servers  More

920623   Solaris 2.0
921104   Solaris 2.1

930329   Solaris 2.2
930505   Sun Introduces Wabi - Allows MS-Windows Apps To Run Under UNIX
930921   Solaris 2.3

9410xx   SunSoft Introduces Wabi 2.0
941004   Solaris 2.4

951031   Solaris 2.5

960126   Performance Comparison of Unix on the Pentium - See document  Slides  [PDFs]
960411   The Lai/Baker paper, benchmarks, and the world of free UNIX - See document
960911   Solaris 2.5.1

970318   Eric Schmidt Appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Novell
970428   Solaris SPARC and Intel Source Code Program  More
970611   It's official -- Sun goes public with Solaris 2.6
970721   Sun Offers Virtually Free Solaris Source Code to Education Community

981028   Solaris 7

990103   Ancient SunOS source
990512   Sun's Solaris Operating Environment Runs Linux Applications
991001   Sun to make Solaris code available  More  More  More

000128   Solaris 8 source code left open  More  More  -  Program  Overview  FAQ  E-mail
000328   Solaris 8  More  [PDF]
000403   CDE for the Solaris Operating Environment  [PDF]
000628   Sun re-thinking source code giveaway
001206   Sun Unveils Solaris 8 OE Source Code  More  -  Program  FAQ  Package  Process  License

010627   Sun set to end Solaris download program
010629   Sun Continues to Offer Free Solaris and Foundation Source Downloads  More
011128   Sun Microsystems Technology Used in Rendering Disney/Pixar's "Monsters, Inc."

020228   Did anybody try to build Solaris X86 from source?
020331   Does Solaris source license interfere with Linux contributions?
020616   GNOME 2.0 Desktop  [PDF]
020522   Solaris 9
021221   Solaris 8/9 Source Code

0301xx   Sun's Adoption of GNOME: What It Means  More  [PDFs]  More
030206   Solaris 9 for X86
030307   Sun Confirms Intellectual Property Rights for all Versions of its Unix Operating Systems
030710   Sun expands Unix deal with SCO
030909   Sun Microsystems Announces Chief Scientist Bill Joy to Leave Company

041115   Solaris 10

050125   Sun Announces Open Source License for Solaris Operating System
050404   OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board Formed
050614   OpenSolaris  Fact Sheet  [PDFs]