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Solaris[tm] Product: Solaris 8 Foundation Source Program

Additional Solaris 8 Foundation Source Program and Process Information

1. Registration
The registration Web site will ask you to provide some basic information about yourself and your organization. The information will be used to notify you about Solaris[tm] software updates, bug fixes, support options, and other matters related directly to the Solaris Operating Environment.

To participate in this program, you are required to complete the online survey. It is very important that you provide accurate data.

2. License Agreement
After registering, you will be asked to read and accept the terms of the Solaris Foundation Source Code license agreement. The agreement is a binding legal document between you and Sun that defines each party's rights and responsibilities, so read it carefully before indicating your acceptance. If you are requesting access to download the source, you will be required to print the agreement, provide all requested information (including your signature), and fax it back to Sun before you can be granted access. If you are purchasing a media kit, you must click the "Agree" button on the Solaris 8 Foundation Source click through agreement page.

The license you will receive under this program is a royalty-free right to use the Solaris 8 Foundation Source license. You will be required to hold all discussions on this topic on a password-protected Discussion Forum. The location and password for this Discussion Forum will be included as part of your download or media kit.

Right To Use
Under the agreement, you can use the compiled version of Solaris 8 Foundation Source software provided by Sun for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, as licensed through this program.

No Ownership Rights
You will not receive any intellectual property or other ownership rights to the Solaris software.

No Right To Make Copies or Share Media
Each person or organization interested in obtaining a free license to use the Solaris 8 Foundation Source must register directly with Sun, accept the terms of Foundation Source Code license agreement, and receive the software directly from Sun. This means you cannot transfer either a copy of the Solaris Foundation Source code or your CDs to anyone outside your company or organization.

Visit the Solaris 8 Foundation Source Code license agreement page to print and review the Solaris 8 Foundation Source Code license agreement.

3. Media and Shipping Costs The charge for either the SPARC[tm] or the Intel Platform Edition media kit is $75 (U.S.); shipping charges are extra and will vary by locale. Please note all sales are final; returns may be offered at the sole discretion of Sun Microsystems.

The media kit contains the following:

  • Solaris 8 Foundation Source
  • Solaris 8 FCS Operating Environment (binaries) for SPARC or Intel Architecture platforms
  • Sun Visual WorkShop C++ 5.0 (try-and-buy version) for SPARC or Intel Architecture platforms (contains the C and C++ compiler needed for the build)

For additional details on the contents of the media kit, visit

To order the media kit, visit


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