1980-01-xx   DoD Standard Internet Protocol
1980-01-xx   DoD Standard Transmission Control Protocol
1980-06-xx   TELNET Protocol Specification
1980-06-xx   File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
1980-09-xx   Assigned Numbers
1980-09-xx   Mail Transition Plan
1980-10-xx   Internet Protocol Handbook

1981-09-xx   Internet Protocol (IP)
1981-09-xx   Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
1981-09-xx   Internet Name Domains

1982-08-xx   Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
1982-08-13   Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages
1982-09-xx   The DARPA Internet Gateway

1983-11-xx   The Domain Names Plan and Schedule
1983-11-xx   Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities
1983-11-xx   Domain Names - Implementation and Specification

1984-02-xx   Domain Name System Implementation Schedule
1984-10-xx   Domain Requirements
1984-10-xx   Domain Name System Implementation Schedule - Revised
1984-10-xx   Post Office Protocol

1985-02-xx   Post Office Protocol Version 2
1985-08-xx   Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure

1986-01-xx   Domain System Changes and Observations
1986-01-xx   Mail Routing and the Domain System
1986-02-xx   UUCP Mail Interchange Format Standard
1986-02-04   Microsoft Chooses GEnie for Windows Developers Roundtable
1986-02-28   Computer networking for scientists
1986-07-xx   NSFNET Backbone network. 56kbps (image)

1987-03-xx   Network numbers used in the Internet community
1987-05-xx   Official Internet Protocols
1987-05-xx   Numbers used in protocols in the Internet community
1987-07-03   Introduction to the Internet Protocols
1987-11-xx   MILNET Name Domain Transition

1988-01-04   Race Is On To Use Supercomputers In Research
1988-03-28   Death of the ARPANET and Other Paranoia
1988-06-16   Cray Reports $18 Million Computer System Order for NCSA
1988-06-29   Can someone explain the relationship between domains and uucp?
1988-07-xx   NSFNET Backbone network. Logical 448kbps topology (image)
1988-07-xx   NSFNET Backbone network. 1.544kbps, physical T1 topology (image)
1988-07-27   NSFNET backbone is in full production and on schedule
1988-08-27   The UUCP Project's problems
1988-09-18   Report Card On University E-mail
1988-10-31   From Here to France: NSF-NASA Join Forces to Reach Overseas
1988-11-02   Phase II of the MILNET Domain Name Implementation
1988-12-29   Sharing the Supercomputers

1989-01-09   UUCP Zone to hand off to UUNET
1989-02-19   Merit's New Topology Brings Higher Capacity, Better Service
1989-05-15   NSF Keeps Supercomputer Centers At Leading Edge Of Technology
1989-05-22   Requirements for Internet Hosts
1989-07-xx   NSFNET Backbone network. 1.544kbps (T1) topology (graphic)
1989-08-15   NSFNET Reaches a Billion Packets in First Year
1989-08-15   Closer Agency Peer Network Interconnections Established
1989-09-xx   The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet
1989-09-15   The Need for Routing in Complex Networking Systems
1989-09-17   Cray challenged by makers of 'mini-supercomputers'
1989-10-xx   Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Communication Layers
1989-10-xx   Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support
1989-11-xx   NNSTAT Collection Used to Analyze NSFNET Traffic Patterns
1989-11-xx   High-Speed Networking in Europe: Seeking to Equal U.S. Levels
1989-11-23   National Computer Network to Link Researchers Across Canada
1989-12-xx   Merit Celebrates 20th Anniversary
1989-12-xx   NSFNET Proposed NSFNET / DDN Routing Improvements Part I

1990-01-xx   NSFNET Proposes NSFNET / Defense Data Network Improvements
1990-01-xx   A Behind-The-Scene Look at NSFNET Support
1990-03-12   MERIT Hosts Visitors From CA*net
1990-03-15   NSFNET Establishes International Link  More  More
1990-03-15   High-Speed Future Demonstrated By NSFNET  More
1990-03-18   Signing On, Linking Up, Worldwide
1990-04-xx   Digest Message Format
1990-04-06   NIC.DDN.MIL Host Address Change, Root Domain Server Address
1990-04-13   High-Speed Digital Science Networks
1990-05-xx   Tim Berners-Lee writes "Information Management: A Proposal"
1990-05-04   NSF: Hard Times Amid Plenty
1990-06-xx   NSFNET To Boost Speed on Key Links, Add Nodes
1990-06-08   Government, Industry Envision Building a 'Data Superhighway'
1990-06-13   NSF Creates World's Fastest Openly Available Computer Network
1990-06-13   NSF Boosts Speed On Coast-To-Coast Computer Network
1990-06-28   Not-for-profit corporation by Merit Network, Inc., MCI and IBM
1990-07-11   MILNET Gateway and Internet Traffic Homing Announcement
1990-07-16   Computer Network Group Asks for Aid
1990-08-xx   JPL Provides Variety of Data, Software Via NSFNET
1990-09-10   Response to Not-for-profit corporation by Merit, MCI and IBM
1990-09-17   New Organization to Expand 'National Computer Superhighway'  More
1990-09-27   NSFNET T1 Backbone  [PDF]
1990-10-23   NCSA Acquires Cray Y-MP System
1990-11-12   WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project
1990-11-14   Announcing "Archie 1.0": The Archive Server Server
1990-11-19   NSFNET Facilitates Teacher/Student Motivation
1990-12-xx   Initial T3 Deployment in Place on the NSFNET

1991-02-xx   NSF Announces Funds. Remaining Nodes Will Move To T3
1991-03-xx   User Services Restructuring a Major Topic at National Meetings
1991-03-13   Announcing Archie version 2.0
1991-03-22   National Net '91 Convenes in Washington, D.C.
1991-03-22   T3 Demos Give Glimpse Into Not-Too-Distant Future
1991-04-xx   KNOWBOTS Deliver The Goods
1991-04-16   Draft Interim-NREN Network Information Services Architecture
1991-04-23   Viola Release, UNIX/X HyperCard-like system  More
1991-05-xx   Interim NREN - Network Information Services. Report of a Workshop
1991-05-24   Commercial traffic across NSF sponsored gateways to T3 network
1991-06-06   New ANS Service Will Provide Commercial Access to Internet
1991-06-10   Open Hearing on Network Information Services
1991-07-08   Internet could be the US public computer network
1991-08-06   WorldWideWeb: Summary
1991-09-10   The Internet Gopher: A Distributed Information Service  More
1991-11-22   Project Development Plan. Enhancement of NSFNET Backbone
1991-12-18   US Said to Play Favorites in Promoting Nationwide Network

1992-01-xx   Zen and the Art of the Internet [PDF]  More
1992-01-xx   World-Wide Web: An Information Infrastructure for High-Energy Physics [PDF]
1992-01-01   America Online: A Graphics Based Success Evaluation
1992-02-xx   World-Wide Web: The Information Universe [PDF]
1992-04-xx   T3 Network Nears Full Production
1992-94-xx   NSFNET: Bringing the World of Ideas Together
1992-04-xx   WAIS -- Making it Easier to Access Internet Resources
1992-04-xx   NSF Plans For Future Backbone Services
1992-04-10   PC Gopher II Released  More
1992-06-xx   The NSFNET Backbone Services Acceptable Use Policy
1992-07-19   All About/Electronic Bulletin Boards
1992-08-17   GopherCon '92 trip report
1992-09-xx   Internet Basics
1992-09-23   World-Wide Web [PDF]
1992-10-xx   Information -- The Commodity of the Future
1992-10-xx   Phase 3 Upgrade to T3 Network Completed
1992-11-xx   NSFNET Backbone Service Restructured
1992-11-xx   Informative Internet Books Rolling Off The Presses
1992-11-xx   T1 Scheduled for Dismantling
1992-12-xx   NSFNET Backbone network. 45Mbps (T3) topology (image)
1992-12-02   National Science Foundation Network achieves milestone
1992-12-04   NSF Network Fund Has No Accountability or Govt. Oversight
1992-12-06   The Network of All Networks - The Internet
1992-12-09   Bell Labs helps in electronic publication project at UCSF

1993-01-xx   Costa Rica is connected to the NSFNET Network
1993-01-xx   There's Gold in them thar Networks
1993-01-05   NSF Awards $12 Million for 'InterNIC'
1993-01-05   AT&T to provide directory, database services to NSF network
1993-01-25   Internet Gopher '93
1993-03-xx   T1 NSS's go to 'Big NOC in the SKY'
1993-03-xx   The Internet Gopher Protocol
1993-03-19   PC Gopher III version 1.00
1993-03-23   Leading carriers support Clinton-Gore technology initiative
1993-04-xx   Paying for Internet Goods and Services
1993-04-01   AT&T directory and database service for Internet users
1993-04-28   The InterNIC Directory of Directories
1993-04-29   WAIS Inc. Releases New Network Publishing Software
1993-04-30   CERN W3 Software Release Into Public Domain  More
1993-05-xx   What is the Internet?  More
1993-05-01   WWW vs. Gopher
1993-05-04   Bid to Acquire America Online Is Weighed by Paul Allen  More  More  More
1993-05-06   Very High Speed Backbone Network Services Provider for NSFNET
1993-05-07   IETF Report
1993-05-07   World-Wide Web Software Put Into Public Domain
1993-05-11   GopherCon 93 trip report
1993-07-12   Will the Information Highway Bypass Mad Ave.?
1993-08-01   Announcing 4 new Gopher+ implementations
1993-08-17   The World-Wide Web Initiative [PDF]
1993-08-25   The Global Network Navigator  More
1993-09-05   The Internet
1993-11-04   Web and Mail integration: a few key connections
1993-11-14   The Internet  [YouTube]
1993-12-06   First Nation in Cyberspace. Adding a million new users a month
1993-12-08   A Free and Simple Computer Link
1993-12-27   Almost 2001 - NBC Nightly News  More  More  More  More

1994-01-11   Telecommunications Policy Reform, Office of the Vice President  More
1994-01-11   "Information Highway" Summit at UCLA C-SPAN Schedule
1994-01-11   Remarks by Vice President Al Gore  More
1994-02-14   Michigan company continues its work on information superhighway
1994-03-xx   Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions
1994-03-xx   Commercializing the Information Superhighway
1994-03-xx   Building The Data Highway
1994-03-07   GopherCon 94  More
1994-03-15   Bell Labs book on building firewalls to thwart Internet hackers
1994-03-30   Vice President Al Gore Sends Note to IETF
1994-04-22   Sun Information Available on Mosaic
1994-05-31   Public online access to AT&T news releases, speeches, factbook
1994-06-11   The WebCrawler Index: A content-based Web index
1994-06-11   Information  More
1994-07-xx   Link Letter. The Merit/NSFNET Backbone Project (The last letter)
1994-08-04   Description of NSFNET route filtering policy
1994-08-14   Announcing the Lycos WWW Search Engine
1994-09-14   AT&T YOU WILL ads on Internet; users can enter sweepstakes
1994-09-20   Paul Allen Sells His Stake in America Online  More
1994-09-20   Stanford WWW Workshop
1994-09-20   Web index
1994-10-xx   GNN October Update
1994-10-19   AT&T launches World Wide Web Internet server, www.att.com
1994-11-xx   NSFNET Backbone Byte Traffic
1994-11-03   Internet Passes Quietly Into Private Hands  More
1994-11-15   Microsoft to Launch Its On-Line Network  More
1994-12-22   AT&T acquires Interchange Online Network from Ziff

1995-04-27   Background Information on the Internet/NSFNET
1995-04-27   Routing on the "new internet"
1995-05-15   NSFNET Backbone Decommissioned
1995-08-15   The Internet
1995-09-14   Most Users to Pay Internet Registration
1995-09-28   Microsoft's Internet Strategy - NetWorld + InterOp
1995-12-07   Internet Strategy Workshop Keynote

1996-09-02   Internet Past, Present and Future  [PDF]

1997-06-24   Internet Moves Toward Privatization