August 04, 1994

Route filtering policies are in place to restrict traffic between NSFNET-sponsored sites and networks in the following countries:

Code  Country Name
----     ------------
BA    Bosnia-Hercegovina
IR      Iran
IQ      Iraq
LY     Libya
MK    Macedonia
KP     North Korea
SD     Sudan
SY     Syria Arab Republic
VN    Vietnam
YU    Yugoslavia (i.e. Serbia and Montenegro)

Some NSFNET-sponsored networks may have agreements with other network providers (e.g. CIX or ANS) to exchange traffic with networks in these countries. That traffic is not included in the reports found in the /nsfnet/statistics directory on

No route filtering (except as stated above) is in place for any other networks announced on the ANSNet backbone.  For a list of networks whose announcement is through ANS CO+RE, see the file /nsfnet/announced.networks/ on