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Subject: Viola Release, UNIX/X HyperCard-like system
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Date: 23 Apr 91 10:58:52 GMT
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April, 1991
                   Software Announcement:  Viola

I am pleased to announce the preview release of a highly manipulable
interactive-media authoring tool. The interpretive nature of Viola 
enables it to be highly interactive: users can directly, or through 
scripts, create and modify objects.

For those familiar with Apple's HyperCard(tm), Viola is the closest
thing to it for the UNIX/X11-Window environment.

Viola binary and source are freely available via anonymous FTP on ( Look for the README file in the
directory "src/local/viola".

Pei Y. Wei
Director, Experimental Computing Facility
University of California, Berkeley

Email      :    w...@xcf.Berkeley.EDU
Physical   :    Experimental Computing Facility (XCF)
                199B Cory Hall
                University of California, Berkeley
                Berkeley, CA 94720

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