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            An Internet-based Information Center
                 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
        Free Subscription (send mail to

          Next month, we will launch a new experiment in online
publishing, _The Global Network Navigator_ (GNN), a free Internet-
based information center that will initially be available as a
quarterly.  GNN will consist of a regular news service, an online
magazine, The Whole Internet Interactive Catalog, and a global
marketplace containing information about products and services.

Keep Up with News of the Global Network
          The Global Network News provides a continuously updated
listing of interesting news items by and about the users of the
Internet, including announcements of new information services.

Discover New Interests in GNN Magazine
          Each issue will present articles developed around a common
theme, such as government or education.  Regular columns will cover
such topics as how to provide information services on the Internet or
help for new Internet users.  It will have several innovative
departments, such as Off The Wall Gallery, that exhibits in digital
form the works of new artists, and Go Find Out, a section containing
reviews of the Internet's most interesting resources.

How to find resources on a particular subject
          One of the most popular features of O'Reilly's _The Whole
Internet User's Guide and Catalog, by Ed Krol, is the catalog of
information resources on the Internet.   GNN features an expanded,
interactive version of this resource catalog that can be used online
to navigate to the Internet servers containing those resources.
The Online Whole Internet Catalog organizes Internet resources in the
following categories:

     - The Internet             - Arts
     - Current Affairs          - Libraries, Reference & Education
     - Science                  - Government and Politics
     - Technology               - Business
     - Humanities               - Work and Play

          In the Online Whole Internet Catalog, subscribers can not
only read about these resources, they can actually connect to them with
a click of the button.

Participate in the GNN Marketplace
          Getting good information from a company about their products
or services is almost as valuable as the product or service itself.
The Global Marketplace provides referrals to companies providing this
kind of information online through the Internet.  The Global Marketplace
also contains commercial resource centers in which subscribers may
find white papers, product brochures or catalogs, demo software or
press releases for the companies advertising in GNN Marketplace.

GNN and The World Wide Web
          Global Network Navigator is an application of the World Wide
Web (WWW), developed at CERN in Switzerland.  Users can choose any
WWW browser, such as Mosaic (available for UNIX, Windows, and the Mac)
from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.  In addition,
O'Reilly & Associates will make available Viola, an X-based hypermedia
software environment in which we've developed a sophisticated WWW
graphical browser.  Viola makes it possible to distribute object-oriented
documents that use formatted text, graphics, icons, and scripts.  All
World Wide Web browsers can be used to access network services such as
gopher and WAIS, independent of the Global Network Navigator.

How To Subscribe
          The Global Network Navigator is available over the Internet
as a free subscription service during its launch.  GNN will be funded by
sponsors who provide commercial information of interest to our readers
in GNN Marketplace and through advertising in GNN News, GNN Magazine and
the Online Whole Internet Catalog.
          To get information on subscribing to Global Network Navigator,
send e-mail to

Brian Erwin,
O'Reilly & Associates
103A Morris Street, Sebastopol CA 95472
707-829-0515, Fax 707-829-0104

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