2002-02-03   Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone

2003-04-05   Google Webmaster Guidelines
2003-10-26   Dig Those Permalinks
2003-10-27   Post / Edit and Permalinks
2003-11-09   Mambo Search Engine Friendly URL's
2003-11-20   Search Engine Friendly Addon for Mambo 4.5  FAQ

2004-06-20   SEF advance 3.5
2004-08-25   How to configure WordPress to create search engine friendly URLs for permalinks
2004-10-28   Google Webmaster Guidelines
2004-11-21   Alias Manager 1.0.3a  More
2004-11-25   SEF advance 4.0  FAQ

2005-02-15   Drupal Pathauto module
2005-02-27   Xaneon Extensions 2.0.0 beta1
2005-03-30   Using Permalinks
2005-07-18   Drupal Clean URLs
2005-08-23   When will SEO be integrated into Mambo?

"At what level of release does the master plan say SEO will be integrated into the CORE? I just had a heart attack when I realized the two sites I'd converted to Mambo over the last 6 months had both fallen off page one for their Google searches..."!

2005-08-28   When will SEO be integrated?
2005-08-29   OpenSEF Project Formed
2005-09-15   Google Webmaster Guidelines
2005-09-23   When will SEO be integrated?
2005-09-27   When will SEO be integrated?
2005-10-25   When will SEO be integrated?
2005-11-22   Security Patch for All Mambo 4.5.x Versions
2005-12-29   Joomla 1.5 and SEO improvements
2005-12-30   Joomla 1.1 and SEO improvements
2005-12-31   Joomla 1.1 and SEO improvements

2006-01-13   Joomla 1.1 and SEO improvements

"I adore the way Wordpress (WP) does permalink SEF goodness... Not only does it give users the freedom to customise SEF, it means they can generate URLs in a fairly simplified format. Enter a rule format and the SEF will manage the rest for you."

2006-03-02   Joomla 1.1 and SEO improvements
2006-03-03   How does SEO work in Joomla
2006-05-17   Using Permalinks
2006-05-25   Drupal Path Module: readable URLs
2006-06-17   Drupal Clean URLs
2006-09-18   Suggestions to improve URL Alias management in Drupal
2006-10-06   When will SEO be integrated into Joomla?

"We talked a lot about SEO and SEF on our summit last year and came to the conclusion that creating pretty nice URL's with the current structure will created huge load the server, so we made it easier for 3rd Party to create their own solution by moving SEF to plugins."

2006-10-25   Update to Google's webmaster guidelines
2006-10-29   Google Webmaster Guidelines
2006-11-18   Drupal Pathauto module

2007-03-11   Google Webmaster Guidelines
2007-05-03   Drupal 6 usability suggestions?

"Improve path alias administration. Add a search form to the path alias administration screen. On a site with hundreds or thousands of path aliases, it becomes impossible to find the path alias that you want to edit."

2007-06-07   Drupal Path Module: readable URLs
2007-08-14   Drupal Pathauto module

2008-05-08   Drupal SEO Tutorial Update
2008-05-17   Google Webmaster Guidelines