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November 20th, 2003, 09:58


What is SEF advance?
SEF advance is a Mambo 4.5 component which will extend Mambo's built-in search engine friendly URL fuctionality and raise it on a higher level.
Instead of ordinary Mambo SEF URLs like: which don't tell much about your content you will get URL's in form:
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Why SEF advance?
Because your URLs will consist of content titles rather than numbers, SEF advance will drasticaly increase your search engine positions.
SEF advance is specialy suitable for sites with much content and sites depending of traffic comming from search engines. Many search engines tend to give priority to links which contain searched string. This is exactly what SEF advance transforms Mambo to.

This is how Mambo URL's look like using SEF advance:
See it in action yourself.

Why not SEF advance in core?
Mambo 4.5 already has a fully functional SEF support. The built-in SEF is intuitivly following Mambo logic which makes it easier for maintenance and better for core.
In the same time SEF advance is much more complex and takes up more resources. That's why it's suitable for content sites which have search engine friendliness as top priority.

What are requirements for SEF advance?
SEF advance works on the same principles as basic Mambo SEF. It requires Apache and mod_rewrite. Make sure you can run built-in SEF (available from Mambo 4.5 beta 1.0.3) before the purchase of SEF advance.

How do I install it?
On Mambo 4.5.1 you install it like any other component, by uploading the zip file in admin component manager.
If you run Mambo 4.5.0 you install it simply by replacing two core files.

Can I configure it?
There are various possible settings that you can adjust to setup your URLs in the way you prefer. For example you can configure base SEF advance directories (for example replace component/ with c/). You can also choose whether to use shorter URLs (News/Latest/) or longer (The_News/Latest_News). Additionaly you can setup all URLs to be in lowercase and define custom space char (for example hyphen instead of underscore). Refer to SEF advance manual for additional configuration possibilities.

How can I get it?
SEF advance is commercial addon and costs 40 €.

Emir Sakic

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