Re: When will SEO be integrated?

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Andrew Eddie
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No blasting today ibnkuldun, out of dynamite

There are two steps.  One is moving SEF to a mambot format so that they are a pluggable feature.  That will be available in version 1.1 (due next month).

The other issue is more core support for SEF bots which will be done progressively over 1.1 and 1.2. The difficulty is that we need to re-engineer some things to make usable by any component.  We have a few ideas on how to do this though.

And Jinx rightly points out the difference between SEF and SEO

Re: When will SEO be integrated?

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SEF = search friendly url's
SEO = search engine optimisation

SEF is part of SEO.

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Re: When will SEO be integrated?

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A bit confusion, having a hard time figuring it out myself . Anyway here is the deal. We are currently moving so fast that our teams just can't follow. Basically we planned SEF changes for 1.2., but since we where implementing SSL and we could use the same system to change SEF we did so.

Basically this means that SEF has been moved to a system bot, making it very flexible. If u don't like native SEF u will now be able to create a new SEF bot or u can use Marko advanced SEF soution which he will be releasing as a SEF bot soon.

In 1.2, we will improve SEF handling, this will go hand in hand with improvements in the content structuring

I will inform the PI team to update the roadmap accordingly, thanks for bringing it up !

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Re: When will SEO be integrated?

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Quote from: masterchief on September 24, 2005, 06:34:42 PM

Timeframe?  Many of the dev's are going to be talking about this in the next few weeks.  We have a long list of things to try and "slip into" Joomla! 1.1.  SEF, ACL, JoomFish, U&A and so on are all on the table.  How much we include needs to be balanced by how much tolerance we feel the community has to wait for the new version.  Do we rush 1.1 in it's current state (not recommended) or do we have some breathing space with 1.0 and allow it to bed in (lest we get the crys "A new version! I just upgraded to this one!")?

Personally I would hope we can bump forward stage 1 ACL, provide some pain relief in the area of SEF url's, improve U&A standards, fully integrate JoomFish out of the box, have the installers use ftp...the list goes on.  That's a tall order eh  Let's see what we can pack in before Jan 06.

I pray the good Lord will forgive me for reviving this thread again...

I am hoping we can get some clear direction on the future of integrated SEF advancement, so I risk the slings and arrow to bring it up again, Andrew.  Now that you've had the chance to talk, meet in the UK, and tour Windsor Castle  what is the direction?  Per the Roadmap (unless it hasn't been updated); nothing new is slipping into 1.1--and SEF isn't even listed at all?

Please advise.

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