20.06.2004 - SEF advance 3.5 has been released

Added options for custom 404 page setting. If no content has been found user will be redirected to a page of your choice.
Use the automatic download page to request the update.

SEF advance

Version 3.5 (DOWNLOAD)

SEF advance is an addon for Mambo 4.5 which will extend Mambo's built-in search engine friendly URL fuctionality and raise it on a higher level.
Instead of ordinary Mambo SEF URLs like:
http://www.site.com/content/view/1/2/ which don't tell much about your content you will get URLs in form:

Because URLs consist of meaningful keywords rather than numbers, SEF advance will drasticaly increase your search engine positions. For more info read SEF advance readme file and visit DEMO site.

Some of the sites powered by SEF advance:

40 €. Buy online. The script package will be sent to you upon received payment.

Note: License fee grants a single site usage. Server usage license is available. Read on for details.

Server and multiple site license information

Server usage license for SEF advance costs like 10 single site licenses (400 €) and enables you to run SEF advance on all sites on your server (can be hundreds).
Perfect for hosting services who want to offer their customers unique SEF optimized Mambo hosting.

If you just want to purchase more than 5 single licenses you can get multiple license discount.

For purchase of server or multiple license Contact me in advance.

16.04.2004 - SEF advance 3.4 has been released

Added options for configurable core component strings. Improved category selection, no more unique category name requirement. Fixed the bug with non-existing category listing.
Use the automatic download page to request the update.

06.03.2004 - SEF advance 3.1 has been released

Added support for configurable words "blogsection" and "blogcategory". Use the automatic upgrade page to request the update.

03.03.2004 - SEF advance 3.0 has been released

This version brings few minor improvements.

28.02.2004 - Automatic updates for SEF advance

All users can now do 100% automatic upgrades to their scripts. As soon as new version is released you can go to the upgrade page and latest version of SEF advance will be instantly emailed to you.