Path module usability improvements

solipsist - September 18, 2006

Project: User experience
Component: usability
Category: feature
Priority: normal
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Status: active


A few suggestions to improve the URL Alias management:

Grouping alias by path allowing menu-like navigation

For example if you use Pathauto you can opt to have a blog/username alias for every user's blog. it would be nice if these could be grouped under blog/ and could be expanded just like a menu, and also work with activemenu for fast navigation.

Search autocompletion

Allowing users to look up and edit an alias by entering a path in an AJAX-enabled auto-complete field. Searching and editing could be done on the same page.

Mass-editing operations

Allowing users to check several alias for deletion or other operations. Use the label element to link the path with the checkbox to make it easier to select. Combine with the menu-style navigation to let the user select whole alias branches for deletion.

Quick-find duplicates

A way to quickly find aliases that point to the same system path

Browse aliases by alias or system path initial letter, alpha order

Select an initial letter in the alias or the system path to browse the listing page by.

Browse by system path/node type

Browse the aliases based on what system path they point to, be it node/nid, node type or something else.

Non-English chars in system paths without having to use phpMyAdmin

Fix the character encoding so that you can enter the chars as they are. Certain modules such as Profile require one to use urlencoded non-English chars in system paths. While urlencoding is unavoidable and system paths will not always make sense to non-techies, try to make it as seamless as possible. Right now it just doesn't work at all.

Regex/pattern based mass operations

Perform operations on large numbers of patterns using regex patterns or wildcards.

Some of the features above should be available when creating new nodes, for example the autocompletion.


#1 submitted by solipsist on September 23, 2006

Title: Usability improvements Path module usability improvements
Project: Path User experience
Component: User interface usability

Moved to the right project.

Additional feature: Edit alias in place in list without page reload using AJAX enabled form.

#2 submitted by solipsist on February 1, 2007

This post has been around for a while and no feedback. Anyone else interested in making any of these improvements real in Drupal 6?


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