Posted By: Arto Bendiken
Date: 2004-11-21 07:04
Summary: Alias Manager 1.0.3a Released
Project: Xaneon Extensions

Version 1.0.3a of Xaneon Alias Manager is out. This is a bug fix release only and does not add new features. If Alias Manager is working just fine for you, there is not any urgent need to upgrade.

This release contains bug fixes that correct issues related to login/logout, searching, the pathway and anything that relied on non-SEF index.php?option=... URLs.

This will likely be the last stable release of the 1.0.x branch before we move on to version 1.1 through one or two intermediary beta versions.

To upgrade, head on over to the download page but remember to export/backup your existing aliases first as uninstalling your current version will remove your aliases from the database!

Posted By: Arto Bendiken
Date: 2004-11-15 04:57
Summary: Alias Manager 1.0.3 Released
Project: Xaneon Extensions

Version 1.0.3 is an interim release and introduces many new features originally planned for 1.1, among them most significant:

Frontend Language Settings. Alias Manager now has the ability to dynamically change Mambo's frontend language on a page-by-page basis. This makes creating section-based multilingual sites quite easy.

URL Validation and 404 Error Page support with three different strictness settings.

Expanded Smart URLs. Extended virtual directory support; there are now some sites done with Mambo and Alias Manager that mimic static webpages so closely that it is uncanny!

Automatically Shortened Component URLs. Instead of Mambo's standard /component/option,com_weblinks/... you now get shorter /weblinks/... while preserving compatibility with the default URLs as well.

A new Compatibility Check section that highlights any problems (e.g. incorrect software versions) that might be causing SEF addresses to work incorrectly.

Additionally, 1.0.3 contains some minor bug fixes that affect absolute URL handling and address various other issues.

This is a highly recommended upgrade for everyone. Please backup your existing alias database (you can do this e.g. using Alias Manager's Export tool), uninstall the old version, upload and install 1.0.3, and restore/re-import your aliases. This upgrade is certainly worth the effort!

Posted By: Arto Bendiken
Date: 2004-11-07 08:25
Summary: Alias Manager 1.0.2 Released
Project: Xaneon Extensions

This is primarily a bug fix release of Xaneon Alias Manager.

This release addresses issues with Mambo installations located outside the website root, adds mass publishing/unpublishing functions, and includes virtual directory handling (automatic trailing slashes).

Posted By: Arto Bendiken
Date: 2004-11-07 02:14
Summary: Alias Manager 1.0.1 Released
Project: Xaneon Extensions

The first version of Xaneon Alias Manager was released today.

Alias Manager is a Mambo 4.5.1 component that taps into Mambo's SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL mechanism and extends it by allowing you to define your own arbitary, friendly URLs for any of Mambo's content and component items.

Alias Manager performs its magic without modifying any of Mambo's core files. It also provides a user-friendly administrative interface and is simple to install and uninstall.

The component can be downloaded from and is made available under the GNU GPL license terms.