880517   Open Software Foundation (OSF) to Advance Software Standards
881230   OSF To Combine Technologies For Graphical User Interface

890111   OSF Announces User Environment: OSF/Motif

901023   OSF/1 Version 1.0

910313   Open Software Foundation Makes True Interoperability A Reality

920122   DEC OSF/1
920422   Open Software Foundation Announces OSF/Motif Upgrade Version 1.2

930317   DEC OSF/1 V1.2 for Alpha AXP

940208   DEC OSF/1 V2.0 with System V Environment extensions
940323   Leading Vendors Unify to Accelerate Open Systems

950314   Digital to Rename DEC OSF/1 Operating System "Digital Unix"
950907   OSF Announces Formal Launch of CDE/Motif Project

960129   Digital Unix is First 64-Bit Operating System to Receive The X/Open Brand