1982-01-12   getopt(3)
1982-10-16   C style document  More  [PDF]

1983-11-29   4.2BSD arrives at U of T
1983-11-29   public-domain string(3)

1984-04-12   Public-domain getopt
1984-06-08   updates for dbx  More  [PDF]
1984-07-04   public-domain getwd(3)

1985-01-30   termcap to terminfo translator
1985-04-08   AT&T Toolchest
1985-06-17   Battleships  More  More
1985-07-14   getopt  More

1986-01-19   regexp(3)
1986-07-02   Mod.sources index and archives
1986-12-23   Unix Standards

1987-03-24   Public domain uucp
1987-08-10   Introduction to comp.sources.unix

1988-01-xx   Inventing The Wheel Only Once  [PDF]
1988-01-31   Introduction to comp.sources.unix
1988-04-04   Updated network sources for 4.3BSD
1988-07-22   Request for user-contributed software
1988-12-07   BSD Networking Software, Release #1

1989-01-13   stdio.h Apollo changes  Download
1989-01-29   shadow password files, replacement login(1) and passwd(1)
1989-03-22   Init - SCO Xenix System V replacement
1989-06-20   Shadow login release 2

1990-04-14   Preliminary 386 BSD release
1990-06-18   stdio.h DEC changes  Download
1990-07-06   4.3BSD-Reno
1990-11-09   Password file conversion utilities for SVR4
1990-11-16   Update passwords from a file
1990-12-12   Shadow Password Suite, version 2

1991-01-xx   Porting Unix to the 386: a Practical Approach
1991-01-11   BSD chpass for System V
1991-02-27   Beta test release of crash 2.0 for SCO Xenix
1991-05-16   Shadow Login Suite, version 3
1991-06-xx   Porting Unix to the 386: Research & the Commercial Sector
1991-07-03   BSD Networking Software, Release #2  Download

1992-05-xx   Porting Unix to the 386: Missing Pieces - See document
1992-07-xx   Porting Unix to the 386: the Final Step - document
1992-07-21   BSD NET2 distribution requires AT&T license
1992-09-03   4.4BSD-Alpha Release
1992-10-05   C News  Download
1992-10-20   BSD Net/2 Distribution by UCB/CSRG Suspended
1992-12-21   Novell to Acquire Unix System Laboratories - See document
1992-12-22   BSD Dump/Restore Update

1993-02-16   Novell signs agreement with AT&T for acquisition of USL - See document
1993-06-14   Novell Acquires Unix System Laboratories - See document
1993-06-29   4.4BSD
1993-07-05   Building 4.4BSD Kernels with Config  [PDF]
1993-07-05   The 4.4BSD-Lite distribution
1993-08-08   Shadow password distribution  Download  More
1993-10-11   X/Open Receives Unix Trademark From Novell - See document

1994-04-20   4.4BSD-Lite
1994-05-13   O'Reilly and Usenix Publish Final Berkeley Version of Unix
1994-05-14   Installing and Operating 4.4BSD Unix  [PDF]
1994-06-10   4.4-lite via FTP

1995-09-20   SCO acquires Unix business from Novell - See document  More
1995-10-31   Getting licenses for old Unix  More
1995-11-03   Licensed PDP Unix Archive
1995-11-09   Another PDP Unix program
1995-12-06   Novell Completes Sale of UnixWare to SCO - See document  Amendment 1  [PDF]

1996-02-05   Licensed PDP Unix Archive
1996-02-06   The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society or What's So Great About Unix, Anyway?
1996-02-21   Details of the PDP Unix Preservation Society (PUPS) Archive
1996-06-15   PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
1996-06-27   Good News re PDP Unix Licensing
1996-07-02   Boston Museum RK Format?
1996-07-29   Lions Book: Details from Peter Salus
1996-08-12   PDP UNIX Licenses: Status Report
1996-09-15   PDP Unix Archive Down... - See document
1996-10-16   Novell SCO Amendment to APA - See Amendment 2  [PDF]
1996-11-08   PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses
1996-11-08   Results of PDP Unix Source Questionnaire
1996-11-21   Unix 6th Edition Source
1996-12-04   Free Unix Binary Licenses from SCO - See document

1997-04-xx   Review of Lions' Commentary
1997-06-26   No progress on PDP-11 Unix source licenses, ideas?
1997-06-27   Petition to SCO for licenses  More
1997-07-16   Old PDP-11 Unix Tape
1997-07-23   PDP-11 Unix Archive Additions
1997-08-01   Status report of our petition to SCO about Unix source licenses
1997-08-27   Latest PDP-11 Unix email from SCO
1997-08-31   PDP-11 Unix CD-ROM archive burn
1997-09-10   Unix for PDP-11
1997-10-13   No word from SCO yet
1997-10-14   Email from SCO
1997-10-19   A question
1997-10-20   Cheap Unix Source Licenses Status
1997-11-03   Some interesting/useful Unix source code...
1997-11-24   PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses - Status
1997-11-25   Last email from SCO - new license wording

1998-01-13   Petition to SCO for PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses
1998-02-24   SCO PDP-11 License: closer
1998-02-25   Draft of license for ancient Unix sources
1998-02-26   CD-ROM from SCO unlikely
1998-03-02   PDP Unix and CD-ROMs
1998-03-02   Part of PUPS Archive via FTP
1998-03-03   Full Steam Ahead with License
1998-03-04   PUPS volunteers list
1998-03-11   PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses  Obtain  Questionnaire  License
1998-03-11   Does anybody have an assembler in C? - See document
1998-03-18   T-shirt for SCO Unix Licenses
1998-03-23   SCO processing the new licenses
1998-04-01   SCO licenses where are they?
1998-04-07   Receipt of 12 License Details
1998-04-14   More licenses have arrived
1998-05-06   First edition Unix manuals
1998-05-11   PUPS Mail List welcome plus news
1998-05-12   SCO Provides Low-Cost Source Licenses for 'Ancient" Releases of Unix
1998-05-14   More licenses from SCO
1998-06-xx   use the source, Luke! again
1998-07-06   More SCO Licenses
1998-07-21   4.3 or 4.4 BSD tapes
1998-07-29   PUPS status report
1998-07-29   Mailing list to preserve Big Unixes
1998-08-02   The Unix Society
1998-08-03   Extending the cheap SCO source license
1998-08-03   What to do now with PUPS
1998-08-04   PUPS, BUPS, BURPS, and other stomach upsets
1998-08-05   The Unix Heritage Society
1998-08-17   SCO Free Unix System Source Licenses
1998-08-19   Yet More SCO Licenses
1998-09-11   UCB's Computer Systems Research Group CDs now available  More
1998-11-23   BSD Network Version 2 upload
1998-11-25   Net2 Status: likely outcome
1998-11-25   Net/2: still at ftp.uu.net
1998-11-26   Over 100 Ancient Unix Licenses and List of licensees
1998-12-02   Petition to SCO for PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses
1998-12-14   Nondisclosure clause in SCO license
1998-12-15   Unix History Diagram  Diagram
1998-12-25   2.11BSD
1998-12-29   Converting Sixth Edition man pages

1999-01-xx   Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix
1999-01-03   Ancient SunOS source
1999-01-05   Why is csh 'restricted'?
1999-01-08   Earliest Unix source
1999-01-20   Old picture of Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie  Picture  More
1999-01-25   4.4BSD
1999-01-27   Why not 4.4BSD?
1999-02-xx   In Memoriam: John Lions
1999-02-23   SCO Source license tainting?
1999-05-xx   Unix and Beyond: An Interview with Ken Thompson
1999-06-01   PUPS Archive
1999-08-04   PUPS mail list still alive
1999-08-28   Dennis Ritchie comments on releasing old code  More
1999-11-30   Code Critic

2000-01-04   200 Ancient Unix Licenses
2000-01-20   Recent PDP Unix Preservation Society (PUPS) Archive additions
2000-04-12   Some interesting old Unix news
2000-04-18   "Ancient" Unix Source Code Available for Free  License
2000-04-20   SCO Ancient Unix license now free
2000-05-08   Good news on the Ancient Unix License front
2000-05-13   Changes forecast for the PUPS Archive & web site
2000-05-14   SCO site has Unix for download
2000-06-01   Future Direction for PUPS and UHS
2000-06-15   Unix tapes rescued
2000-06-16   4.4BSD-Alpha in the TUHS/PUPS archive 4BSD area
2000-08-02   Caldera Systems to Acquire SCO Server Software - See document

2001-05-07   Caldera Completes Acquisitions of Two SCO Divisions - See document
2001-06-26   Caldera Ancient Unix Software License Agreement
2001-10-23   Free UNIX licenses
2001-11-05   Old Unix manuals

2002-01-23   Liberal license for ancient Unix sources  License  [PDF]  More
2002-01-29   FreeBSD-1.X public CVS?
2002-05-02   Some tapes with Unix sources
2002-07-05   SCO, Caldera and Unix sources

2003-01-22   SCO Establishes SCOsource to License Unix Intellectual Property