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Subject: 1003.2 Command Groups
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Date: Tue, 23-Dec-86 12:19:30 EST
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Posted: Tue Dec 23 12:19:30 1986
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Organization: IEEE P1003 Portable Operating System for Computer Environments Committee
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From: seismo!amdahl! (Hal Jespersen)
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 86 15:49:17 PST

The following commands were considered by the 1003.2 Working Group
for inclusion in Draft 2.

Strong Support for INCLUSION in "Execution Environment" (mandatory)

	ar	      awk	    basename	  cat		cd
	chgrp	      chmod	    chown	  cmp		comm
	cp	      cut	    date	  dd		diff
	dirname	      echo	    ed		  egrep		expr
	false	      find	    getopts	  grep		join
	kill	      ln	    logname	  ls		mkdir
	mkfifo	      mv	    od		  paste		pr
	pwd	      rm	    rmdir	  sed		sh
	sleep	      sort	    stty	  sum		tar
	tee	      test	    touch	  tr		true
	tty	      umask	    uname	  uniq		wait

Strong Support for INCLUSION in "Software Development Environment"

	admin	      cc	    delta	  get		ld
	lex	      make	    prs		  rmdel		sact
	size	      time	    unget	  val		what
	xargs	      yacc

Strong Support for EXCLUSION (from either environment)

	as	      banner	    cal		  calendar	cu
	dis	      mknod	    news	  nl		red
	rsh	      sdb	    shl		  uucp		uulog
	uuname	      uupick	    uustat	  uuto		uux
	vi	      wall	    write

No Decision Yet

	at	      batch	    cancel	  cflow		chroot
	col	      cpio	    cpp		  crontab	csplit
	cxref	      df	    dircmp	  du		env
	ex	      file	    id		  line		lint
	lorder	      lp	    lpstat	  m4		mail
	mailx	      mesg	    newgrp	  nm		nohup
	pack	      passwd	    pcat	  pg		prof
	ps	      spell	    split	  strip		su
	tabs	      tail	    tsort	  unpack	who

For those who haven't kept up with the 1003.2 charter, a brief word of
explanation.  We have tended to exclude commands that are not useful
when called from application C programs and shell scripts; vi and sdb
are good examples of these.

The total list of commands considered was provided by the X/OPEN Group,
which seemed like a reasonable starting point.

The Working Group solicits your opinions on these groupings and on the
specific commands selected for each.

				Hal Jespersen
				(408) 746-8288
				Amdahl Corporation
				Mailstop 316
				1250 East Arques Avenue
				Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3470

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