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From: ke...@seismo.CSS.GOV (Keith Bostic)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.wizards
Subject: Request for user-contributed software
Keywords: 4BSD, user-contributed
Message-ID: <44381@beno.seismo.CSS.GOV>
Date: 22 Jul 88 16:50:36 GMT
Organization: Center for Seismic Studies, Arlington, VA
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BSD will be starting a new cycle of software development this summer.  As
most of you know, much of the software made available through Berkeley was
contributed by the user community.  We wish to continue this tradition and
encourage anyone who is interested in contributing software to the user
community to contact us.  We also have many projects, ranging in difficulty
from weekend hacks to master's or doctorate level work, that we do not have
time to do ourselves.

Possible projects include:

	autodialer manager/daemon
	biff(1) replacement (mail notification)
	conferencing system
	csh cleanups and the addition of ksh features, particularly
		functions and command line editing
	System V compatible cron(8) and at(1) programs
	documentation browsing system
	multi-buffered tape driver
	multiuser, message-based application scheduler
	public-domain NFS
	replacement of current various current utilities with 
		public domain source code
	make(1) replacement

We would appreciate being contacted by anyone interested working on these,
or any other, projects.

Keith Bostic

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