From: (Warren Toomey)
Subject: Cheap UNIX Source Licenses -- status
Date: 1997/10/20
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Sender: (Warren Toomey)
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In article <>, Varga Akos Endre <> writes:
> > The problem is you need a Unix System V or earlier (V7 etc.) source
> > license to get BSD.
> Hm, I saw something on the PDP Unix Preservation Society's web page,
> is there a chance of free UNIX source licenses? What is the use of the
> binary license? Is it for the emulators?
> 	Akos Varga

Just some news on the SCO source license issue. We've got good support inside
SCO to make the licenses happen, but other sections inside SCO are dragging
their heels on the idea. However, I still think we will see cheap personal
source licenses for PDP-11 UNIX.

Check out the PUPS web page at
for more details. Please sign the license petition if you haven't
already done so!!


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