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Subject: Shadow Login Suite, version 3 (posting 0 of 8)
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Date: 16 May 91 16:28:09 GMT
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The next 8 postings are the shadow login suite that I first posted to
the net about 3 years ago, only much bigger and with lots of really
useless features that you'll probably want to use anyway ;-)

What you get is -

	login, passwd, su, newgrp, chsh, chfn, chage, gpasswd, etc

Too many programs to name.  You also get a library that knows about
password files and how to dork around with them in just about every
conceivable manner.

This is the initial beta version of the code.  Please don't bother
to archive it if you aren't interested in working on it - I hope to
get plenty of bug reports and fix plenty of bugs, and I'd hate for
you to have a bad version spinning on your disk.

I'll post some patches as bugs get reported.  Then, some time after
the reports die down, I'll repost the entire thing with to here then
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