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Subject: New PDP-11 UNIX Archive Additions
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	I've just received a couple of _huge_ tarballs from Keith Bostic
with the following PDP-11 UNIX stuff:

        2BSD		First 2BSD tape.
        3BSD		First 3BSD tape.
        pascal.2.0      Pascal distribution
        pascal.2.10     Pascal distribution

        Documentors WorkBench.
        pdp.archive     ???
        pwb		3 slightly different & incomplete versions
        v6              6th Edition
        v6.compat       ???
        v7              7th Edition
        v7add           The "40 changes" tape.
        v7m             Follow-on release to V7

Due to space considerations (& a lack of time), I haven't been able to
extract anything into the licensed UNIX archive that I run on henry. I'd
also like to try and remove duplicates where possible.

If you're interested in a particular thing from the tarballs, please email
me and I'll extract the relevant sections.

Also: 300+ signatures on the PDP-11 UNIX src license petition. I just sent
a reminder email to SCO to see what they're doing with it.