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Mod.sources: Volume 6, INFO01
Archive-name: index.1
Submitted by: rs (Rich $alz)

This lengthy posting is divided into the following parts:
At the request of a couple of people, I have put an Expires: date on
this posting.  I would rather the index/info postings be driven by
volume rather than date; any opinions?


  ISSUE #    ARTICLE ID        TITLES (archive-name) [, Part#]
     1    <6...@mirror.UUCP>   Introduction to mod.sources (intro)
     2    <7...@mirror.UUCP>   Untamo, another idle daemon (untamo)
     3    <7...@mirror.UUCP>   new calls; shows function call flow (
     4    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   vol: create volume headers for tar (vol)
     5    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   makekits revisited (makekits2)
     6    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   mail digest utilities (maildigest)
     7    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   Shell Scripts for game regulator (gr_scripts)
     8    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   Apollo Pacman-like game (pacman.p)
     9    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   Tools for analyzing netnews paths (getpaths)
    10    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   A talk for system V.2 (sysVtalkA)
    11    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   A talk for System V (sysVtalkB)
    13    <8...@mirror.UUCP>   TeX DVI driver for LaserJet+ (texdvi2lj), Part1/3
    14    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   Tex DVI driver for LaserJet+ (texdvi2lj), Part2/3
    15    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   TeX DVI driver for LaserJet+ (texdvi2lj), Part3/3
    16    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   halign - line up columns (halign)
    17    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   context - generalized context printer (context)
    18    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   missing files from Apollo pacman (pacman.p.h)
    19    <9...@mirror.UUCP>   Patches for more/less interoperability (less.patch)
    20   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   qterm: Query Terminal for terminal type (qterm)
    21   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   new printfck and manpage (printfck2)
    22   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Manual page for context program (context.1)
    23   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Xenix patches to compress4.0 (compress.xenix)
    24   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Patches to fmtr (fmtr.patch) 
    25   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   rm and unrm programs (unrm.rm)
    26   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part01/14
    27   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part02/14
    28   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part03/14
    29   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part04/14
    30   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part05/14
    31   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part06/14
    32   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part07/14
    33   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part08/14
    34   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part09/14
    35   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part10/14
    36   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part11/14
    37   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part12/14
    38   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part13/14
    39   <1...@mirror.UUCP>   Elm mail system (elm), Part14/14


Items intended for posting should be sent to mirror!sources; requests
for reposts or other queries should be sent to mirror!sources-request.
In Australia, Robert Elz is a "sub-moderator"; people there can work
with him (munnari!elz) to get postings out more easily.

The backlog is running about five to seven days.  If you want verification
of arrival, so say in a cover note, or at the beginning of your submission,
if it is small.  I try to verify that a program works, and if I can't
get it to work, I may hold up posting it for a couple of days.  Please
note that, except in rare cases, source without documentation will not
be published.

When you send mail, MAKE SURE to include a return address relative to
some well-known site(s).  When all else fails, my conventional address
and phone number are:
	Rich $alz
	Mirror Systems
	2067 Massachusetts Avenue
	Cambridge, MA  02140


The complete mod.sources archives are fairly large:
	Volume	  Size (Kbytes)
	  1	      4118
	  2	      1220
	  3	      3459
	  4	      4692
	  5	       406
	  6	      1338 (so far)
There are several active archive sites around the net.  I am particularly
interested in helping set up a European archive.

Over the next month or so I will be working with the archive sites to
"rationalize" the names of Volume 1-5 so that the same names are used
at all sites; the format of future index postings will reflect these
common names.  If you missed a posting, please contact your closest
archive site; reposts in mod.sources are unusual.

Several sites below will send tapes through the mail.  For those sites,
send a 1/2" mag tape WITH RETURN POSTAGE and RETURN MAILER.  Tapes
without postage or mailer will not be returned.  No other methods (COD,
etc.) are available; please don't ask.

1.  Rick Adams (r...@seismo.CSS.GOV) provides archive access to those on the
    ARPAnet.  Access is available directly via anonymous ftp (Outside of
    9am-7pm EST M-F.) The files are in a directory mod.sources, then a
    sub-directory Volume[1-4]. They are named as closely as possible to the
    names in the Index.  Files that have not been assigned a "short name"
    reside in the directory sources/mod temporarily.  Send tape, mailer,
    and postage to:
        Rick Adams
        Center for Seismic Studies
        1300 North 17th Street, Suite 1450
        Arlington, VA 22209-3871

2.  ARPA sites may also retrieve archives from via
    anonymous ftp (1800-0800 EST only, please).  The archive is in the
    directory mod.sources, subdivided into Volume1, Volume2, etc.  Each
    directory will have a file named Index detailing its contents.
    Chances are that the archive size will grow beyond the available
    disk space; if it does, they will keep the most recent volume(s)
    in the ftp directory, while storing older volumes elsewhere.  A
    README file will be created in the directories of misplaced volumes
    with instructions on how to get at sources from those volumes.
    This is being managed by Rich Kulawiec (Wombat), pucc-j!rsk,

3.  The CSNET CIC provides archive access to CSNET sites.  This access
    is automated.   You need simply mail a message in appropriate
    format to the CSNET Info Server ( or to retrieve distributions.  For more details about
    this service, contact the CIC at

4.  Pyramid Technology has an archive arranged topically, and in compressed
    tar files.  They are happy to take new UUCP connections.  They are also
    somewhat willing to make tapes for people to come by and pick up,
    provided you call WELL in advance and bring lunch money.  This is being
    managed by Claudia Dimmers and/or Carl Gutekunst.  Contact
    pyramid!usenet for more info.

5.  Robert Elz (munnari!elz) keeps mod.sources in compress and uncompressed
    form; contact him for more information.

6.  Ron Heiby has an archive on-line, and may be providing "anonymous UUCP"
    access; contact cuea2!usenet for more info.

7.  Tom Patterson at Washington University can make 800/1600/6250 BPI
    tar tapes.  If you give him a "real good reason," he can also make
    1600 BPI VMS BACKUP or ANSI tapes.  Send your tape, mailer, and postage
    to Tom at:
	    Engineering Computer Lab, Bryan 509
	    Lindell & Skinker Blvd
	    Washington University
	    St. Louis, MO 63130
    For best results, first send mail to wucs!archive (you stand a better
    chance of getting processed quickly that way).

8.  Of course, I have a complete set of archives.  I can mail individual
    postings, make files available for UUCP, and will send tapes (1600
    BPI tar; 6250 or cpio in a crunch).  Last time I checked, it cost
    about $5 to send a 2400' tape across the country in a padded envelope
    via first-class mail.  In a real crunch, I might be able to write
    files onto MS-DOS diskettes; send e-mail before sending floppies!


The format of this listing, and the organization of the files, will change
as the old archives get "beat into shape."

ANSI.C        (1 part)   Yacc and Lex for 11/12/84 draft of ANSI C
Smail         (1 part)   a smart net mailer - a front end using pathalias data
UK-1.1        (3 parts)  UK-1.1 Sendmail Configuration Package
Xlisp1.4      (4 parts)  Lisp written in C with object oriented extensions
bed           (1 part)   Editor for binary files.  Front end for ascii editors
bourne        (9 parts)  Bourne shell enhancements (history,tilde,job control)
cforth        (3 parts)  Forth Interpreter written in C
checkin       (1 part)   editor interface for RCS logs
cpg+mdep      (1 part)   cpg - C formatter, mdep - make dependency generator
cpp           (3 parts)  C preprocessor suitable for use with Decus C
cshar         (1 part)   shell archive builder (shar) written in C
cxref         (1 part)   C cross referencer
diffc         (1 part)   contextual diff (diff -c) for Bell systems
dynamic       (1 part)   dynamic loading code for 4.2bsd
getopt        (1 part)   public domain getopt(3)
lbgm          (1 part)   Newsgroup archiving - "lbgm"
newshar       (1 part)   The Connoisseur's Shar, version 2 
newsweed      (1 part)   Newsweed: a program to delete unwanted news articles
patch 1.3     (1 part)   a program to apply diff format output to update files
pcurses       (11 parts) Public domain Terminfo/Curses (needs a little work)
rfc_882       (1 part)   RFC 882 - Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities
rn 4.3        (9 parts)  rn news reading program version 4.3
rpc           (10 parts) Sun "Remote Procedure Call" source code   (1 part)   GaTech Sendmail configuration
uucpanz.V7    (1 part)   a uucp status program: uucpanz (V7, BSD version)
uucpanz.S5    (1 part)   uucpanz for System V
uuque         (1 part)   a uuwizard's utility for uucp queue snooping
vnews         (7 parts)  2.10.2 Vnews (news reader program)
vstr          (1 part)   dynamic string package
xfernews      (1 part)   uucp traffic batching system
xref          (1 part)   a general purpose cross reference utility
vnews.1       (1 part)   Manual page for 2.10.2 vnews(1)
readnews.1    (1 part)   Manual page for 2.10.2 readnews(1)
expire.8      (1 part)   Manual page for 2.10.2 expire(8)

Smail1        (1 part)   update to smail (in volume 1)
access        (1 part)   Kernal Hacks for access control lists
basic         (4 parts)  A BASIC interpreter in C (needs work)
bgrep         (1 part)   Boyer-Moore based fgrep like program
bm            (1 part)   much faster Boyer-Moore
bm2           (1 part)   various bm updates
choose        (1 part)   a program to select lines at random
compress 4.0  (2 parts)  Compression program better than pack or compact
cshar3        (1 part)   update (Makefile/shar.1 for SVR2) to C shar (volume 1)
cpg+mdep3     (1 part)   cpg revisited (C formatter - original in volume1)
makekits      (1 part)   software "kit" generation script
mdump         (1 part)   multiple dump per tape utility (see update in volume 3)
remote        (1 part)   Remote mag tape routines
remote2       (1 part)   small patch to remote tape library
rtar          (1 part)   Diffs to tar to use a remote system's tape drive
runtime       (1 part)   runtime memory allocation for multi-dimensional arrays
tools         (6 parts)  Software Tools in Pascal
uroff         (1 part)   uroff - nroff underlining
window        (4 parts)  BSD 4.2 window manager + Patches to Curses
wire          (2 parts)  Wirewrap program.

G-format      (4 parts)  VAX BSD4.2 compiler modifications to use G-format fp.
GaTech        (3 parts)  sendmail patches/configuration files from Georgia Tech
GaTech.upd    (1 part)   updates to GaTech - sendmail patches/configuration
Hey           (1 part)   Hey(1) [from Unix/World, Oct. 85]
LA50          (1 part)   Convert Nroff underlines to LA50 and VTxxx sequences
LaserJet      (2 parts)  Ditroff HP LaserJet driver
MSdir         (1 part)   MSDOS directory access routine
RFS           (7 parts)  public domain, kernel-resident distributed file system
SPS           (3 parts)  Show process status - BSD only - replacement for "ps"
TCtoTI        (1 part)   termcap to terminfo conversion program
TRC           (8 parts)  expert system building tool
agelog        (1 part)   trim log files while retaining recent entries
att_getopt    (1 part)   AT&T's public domain distribution of getopt(3)
badm          (1 part)   BSD4.2 MASSBUS disk formatter utility
bm 1.1        (1 part)   Ken Yap's changes to bm (in volume 2)
calendar      (1 part)   A calendar generator program - replaces UNIX "cal"
calls         (1 part)   C program function call cross referencer
calls_4.2     (1 part)   patches to calls for BSD4.2
chsh          (1 part)   chsh,chfn for SV (password file programs)
chsh2         (1 part)   chsh,chfn - Original contained security bugs.
clr.queue     (1 part)   Script to clean-up the sendmail queue
command       (1 part)   replacement for system(3).
ctags         (1 part)   ctags source code from Ken Arnold
date          (1 part)   formatted date program
decus_grep    (1 part)   public domain version of grep.
dial          (1 part)   state transition controlled communications program
dial.sample   (1 part)   Example dial script.
dialout       (1 part)   BSD4.3 Kernel changes for dial in/out on modem lines
dtree 4.2     (1 part)   dtree (directory heirarchy display program) for 4.2
ff            (2 parts)  simple text formatter for flexible uniform formatting
give          (1 part)   give away ownership of files (System III/V specific)
hdiff         (1 part)   source file compare program
head          (1 part)   public implementations of head(1) and ctags(1)
help          (1 part)   VMS-style help facility
hyphen        (1 part)   program to enhance troff's hyphenation capability
idledaemon    (1 part)   Yet another idle login checker  (BSD 4.2 only)
ieee          (6 parts)  IEEE Floating Point Calculator (in Pascal)
infer         (1 part)   inference engine + demo
laserjet      (1 part)   BSD 4.2+ lpd printcap/spooler for LaserJet printer
lcat          (1 part)   troff->laserjet filter package (uses vfont files)
lcat2         (1 part)   Troff->HP Laserjet filter - newfonts.c
less          (1 part)   similar to more(1) but better
lib_term      (1 part)   lib_term - datum entry using termcap
libc_term     (1 part)   libc_term - datum entry using curses
llib-dbm      (1 part)   lint library for the DBM routines (BSD systems)
man           (1 part)   compiled version of the 'man' program for System V
match         (1 part)   match - faster than bm (VAX only!)
mdump2        (1 part)   Revised mdump (multiple dump per tape utility)
modgen        (1 part)   extract usenet moderator list from postings
modnotes      (1 part)   Notes (1.7 or later) updates for moderated groups
modula_pp     (1 part)   Pretty printer for Modula-2 written in Modula-2
newspace      (1 part)   determine newsgroup disk usage
nwho          (1 part)   enchanced "who" program (uses termcap)
okstate       (1 part)   Kermit archive on OKSTATE; uucp access information
pathalias2    (2 parts)  New pathalias - database path optimizer
pretty        (1 part)   Pretty printer in lisp + MC - columnator in CLU
prune         (1 part)   prunes tops of line-oriented log files
rcsit         (1 part)   a program to prepare files for RCS.
regexp        (1 part)   regular expression routines (like System V regexp(3))
regexp2       (1 part)   bug in regexp, and fix
rename        (1 part)   rename: a companion to restor(automated inode mapping)
rmsecure      (1 part)   source for a safe "rm" (csh, BSD only)
rsend         (1 part)   BSD network communications program (like write & talk)
scpp          (2 parts)  a selective C preprocessor - clean up your C files.
sim           (1 part)   Software similarity tester for C programs
sndml.mods    (1 part)   mods to sendmail to provide translation tables
suntools      (1 part)   Improved version of Sun's window manager (suntools)
swho          (1 part)   screen based who (uses curses - continuous update)
tc            (1 part)   control your terminal via termcap in shell scripts
telno         (1 part)   permute telephone numbers into letter equivalents
texchk        (2 parts)  syntax checker for the LaTeX TeX macro package.
times.awk     (1 part)   uucp info from LOGFILE (awk script)
ttype         (1 part)   typing tutor - BSD specific
ttyuse        (1 part)   Creates a Summary of daily Terminal usage
turbo_patch   (1 part)   Fix to turbo_tools, SHELL.PAS transmitted with error
turbo_tools   (2 parts)  Turbo Pascal version of "Software Tools in Pascal"
uuhosts4      (1 part)   uuhosts version 1.69 - grab data for later use
uumail2       (1 part)   uumail (pathalias based uucp mailer) release 2
uumail2.fix   (1 part)   small fix to uumail release 2
vtem          (1 part)   a VT100 emulator based on termcap        (1 part)   window manager built on top of curses
xargs         (1 part)   xargs(1) - execute a command with many arguments

bm1.2         (1 part)   bm version 1.2 (blindingly fast "fgrep")
simplex       (1 part)   Simplex Curve Fitting Algorithm in C
chuni         (1 part)   change a users default universe (Pyramid Specific)
Msg           (8 parts)  Msg mail system - screen oriented "User Agent"
sim2          (1 part)   update to "sim" (volume 3) similarity tester
shortc        (1 part)   C program to map flexnames into short identifiers
settz         (1 part)   time conversion / time zone system
TVX           (10 parts) Portable editor - now with "emacs" and "vi" modes
hershey.f77   (2 parts)  Hershey Fonts in Fortran 77
rolodex       (3 parts)  rolodex database program
68kdissasem   (2 parts)  unc - 68000 disassembler
bm1.2speedup  (1 part)   speedup for bm on some machines
regexp3       (1 part)   2nd bug fix for regexp (volume 3)
tm_to_time    (1 part)	 convert broken-down time into time_t.
68kdiss.fix   (1 part)	 Patches to make MC68000 disassembler work on SUN UNIX
amiga	      (1 part)	 Amgia file browser
rcsit	      (1 part)	 new version of rcsit(1) - prepare files for RCS
hershey	      (5 parts)	 hershey fonts
egrep	      (1 part)	 egrep - More Pep for Boyer-Moore Grep
tc	      (1 part)	 compile/decompile nroff driver tables (USG only)
regexpfix     (1 part)	 regexp(3) improvement
shortc	      (1 part)	 shortc: sed output, and standard input
match1.2      (1 part)	 Match 1.2 - Fast grep for Vaxen
rlogin	      (1 part)	 4.2bsd rlogin enhancements
list	      (1 part)	 list-of-numbers generator
client	      (1 part)	 Generic client and server commands for 4.2BSD
client_man    (1 part)	 Client/server context diffs to 4.2BSD man.c
UK-1.4	      (5 parts)	 Sendmail UK-1.4
ISO_Pascal    (1 part)	 Yacc and Lex for ISO Level 0 Pascal
TVX	      (1 part)	 1st batch of TVX Bug fixes
rpt	      (1 part)	 A program called 'rpt'
subnetARP     (1 part)	 4.3BSD IP subnet ARP hack
UNaXcess      (3 parts)	 UNaXcess (unix bulletin board)
uEmacs	      (6 parts)	 MicroEmacs, v. 30
travel	      (1 part)	 travel-itinerary macros for nroff
aaa	      (1 part)	 aaa - the amazing awk assembler
sources	      (1 part)	 Two tools for organizing sources from USENET
load	      (1 part)	 Routines to check the load average
uEmacs_tc     (1 part)	 Termcap support for MicroEmacs v. 30 sources
archx	      (1 part)	 archx: suggested replacement for shar
ar	      (1 part)	 portable ar: suggested replacement for shar
se	      (8 parts)	 Georgia Tech 'se' screen editor
telnetd	      (1 part)	 telnetd in the kernel
uumail3	      (2 parts)	 uumail 3.0
lplot	      (2 parts)	 lplot and quickplot
mail	      (1 part)	 Patches to BSD4.2 mail (SysV mailx?)
sticky	      (1 part)	 PostScript sticky label program
uEmacs3.6     (8 parts)	 MicroEMACS 3.6
texindex      (1 part)	 texindex -- make an index from a LaTeX .idx file
chown	      (1 part)	 Improved and expanded chown/chgrp
calendar      (2 parts)	 calendar Generation Program
strings       (3 parts)	 strings
gr	      (1 part)	 GR - A Game Regulator
printfck      (1 part)	 printfck -- makes lint check (most) printf calls
unparfix      (1 part)	 unpar compatability with Sys V (patch)
texindex2     (1 part)	 AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! Bugs in texindex!!!
UnaXcessfix   (1 part)	 UNaXcess update #1
xmodem	      (1 part)	 4.2BSD XMODEM programs
icon	      (1 part)	 tools for editing Sun icons
fmtr	      (1 part)	 Fmtr - simple text formatter

uEmacs30fix   (1 part)	 MicroEMACS version 30 updates.
uumap	      (1 part)	 automated UUCP maps
dither	      (1 part)	 Color Dither (ver 1.1)
retouch	      (1 part)	 retouch(1): force changed date
backup	      (1 part)	 backup - front end for BSD dump
junkmail      (1 part)	 junkmail - delete outdated mail automatically
smallc	      (3 parts)	 Small C compiler version C3.0R1.1
moon_sun      (1 part)	 Sun and Moon rise/set program
par	      (1 part)	 patch.more patches to par/unpar
smtp_send     (1 part)	 SMTP SEND command for Sendmail
bmgsubs	      (1 part)	 bmgsubs - Boyer-Moore-Gosper fast search subroutines
untic	      (1 part)	 untic - decompile terminfo description file.
bmfix	      (1 part)	 bm - odd address optimization
rcsit	      (1 part)	 new version of rcsit(1) - prepare files for RCS

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

Note: The materials and information included in these Web pages are not to
be used for any other purpose other than private study, research, review
or criticism.