From: (Warren Toomey)
Subject: PDP-11 UNIX Source Licenses
Date: 1996/11/08
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I am currently discussing with SCO the possibility of them making available
single-user non-redistributable source licenses for the PDP-11 versions of
UNIX. I am hoping that these licenses will be cheap enough for an individual
to purchase.

In order to demonstrate a desire in the Unix community that these sort of
source licenses be made available, I have set up a questionnaire about them.
If you'd like to be able to purchase a PDP-11 UNIX source license, please
complete the questionnaire. I will eventually summarise the results and pass
them onto SCO.

The questionnaire is available as a fill-out form on the Web at The top link points to the questionnaire.

The more responses I get, the more SCO will be inclined to make licenses
available. Please pass this message onto other people who may be interested
in PDP-11 UNIX source licenses.

If you can't fill out the Web form, the questions are below. Email me
with your answers and I'll include them in the results.

Many thanks in advance,

	Warren Toomey

Would you be happy with the following conditions on a PDP-11 UNIX source
code license?

 The license cannot be be passed or sold to another person or organisation.

 The license restricts you from redistributing the source or binaries to
 another person or organisation.

 The license permits you to install UNIX on a PDP-11 but only allow a single
 user of the system.

 The license permits you to install UNIX on a PDP-11 but not use the system
 for commercial purposes.

 The license allows you to acquire the binaries for UNIX on a PDP-11, but
 only the source code for the kernel.

 Alternatively, the license allows you to acquire the binaries for UNIX on a
 PDP-11, and the complete source code for the kernel and all of the libraries
 and applications.

Which versions of PDP-11 UNIX would you like to have a source license for
(choose at least one)?

 Research Versions before 5th Edition
 6th Edition UNIX
 7th Edition UNIX
 Other versions (please specify):

How much money (in US dollars) would you be prepared to pay to obtain the
UNIX source license with the conditions and versions you selected above?

If you have any other comments, please fill them in below.

If SCO does make PDP-11 UNIX source licenses available and you would like to
be informed of their availability by email, please fill in your email
address below. This information will not be used for any other purpose.

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