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All, The latest batch of licenses has arrived from Dion at SCO:

	Stefan Bieschewski, Robin Birch, W. Bulte, Anthony Duell,
	Alexander Duerrschnabel, Kevin Dunlap, Arno Griffioen, Neil Johnson,
	Greg Lehey, Kirk McKusick, Joseph Myers, Carl Phillips, Jason Wells

As always, if you want access to the on-line PUPS Archive, or a copy
on tape/CD, then email your request to
You will receive a form reply, and we will process it as soon as possible.
Note that we won't start burning the first CDs until around the 21st April.

If you want on-line access, I will need a fax number or a PGP key so that
I can mail you the access details, with a moderate amount of security. I
won't accept PGP keys via email. I'll accept keys via finger, web page,
key signing service, etc. Please include the method to obtain your key
in your email request above.