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Date: 2000/04/18
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 SCO Contributes to the Open Source Community; Kicks Off Open Source Initiatives
 Company to Release Key Technologies, Source Code, and Resources for 
 Software Developers; "Ancient" UNIX Source Code Available for Free
 LINUX BUSINESS EXPO, CHICAGO IL (April 18, 2000) - The newly formed Server 
 Software Division of SCO today announced that it has ramped up its Open 
 Source efforts with the release of key technologies, contributions, and 
 initiatives to the Open Source Community.
 SCO is contributing source code for two developer tools - "cscope" and 
 "fur". The code is released under the terms of the BSD License and will be 
 maintained by SCO. The first technology, cscope, is available to download 
 at Software developers can use cscope to help 
 design and debug programs coded with the C programming language. The second 
 technology, Fur, will be available to download in several weeks. Fur is a 
 real time analysis program used to optimize application and system binaries 
 for more effective run time execution. Dramatic results have been seen in 
 high level applications and database systems using fur.
 "SCO is a long-time believer in the innovative power and pace of the Open 
 Systems and Open Source Communities," said John Palmer, vice president of 
 Marketing for SCO's Server Software Division. "The Community has the desire 
 and resources to rapidly utilize and improve quality developer tools, like 
 the tools we are offering. It is our hope that the Community will see the 
 usefulness of these tools and rapidly adopt them to improve Open Source and 
 Linux-based applications."
 "Linux is becoming an increasingly popular platform for ISPs and dotcomms," 
 said Victor Krutul, manager of UNIX and Linux Programs at 
 Intel.  "Developers of Linux operating systems on the Intel platform will 
 benefit from these contributions which will enable them to optimize 
 existing applications suites and help create new applications."
 SCO is releasing additional source code for reference use in an effort to 
 improve industry standard Open Source tools and technologies. These 
 technologies will be available to download in the next few weeks. 
 Additionally, SCO has simplified its "Ancient" UNIX program and waived the 
 $100 processing fee. Anyone will be able to log onto the SCO web site and 
 download historically preserved UNIX code for educational and 
 non-commercial use.
 About Linux and SCO Open Source
 Over the last year, SCO has expanded its strategic business opportunities 
 in the Linux and Open Source markets. SCO has announced an alliance and 
 investment in and a strategic business relationship with 
 TurboLinux. Most recently, SCO announced that it has taken an equity 
 position in Caldera Systems, Inc. Last year, SCO announced a comprehensive 
 set of Linux and Open Source-related professional services.
 As a corporate member of Linux International, SCO is a strong proponent of 
 the Open Source movement, citing it as a driving force for innovation and 
 business opportunities. SCO has contributed source code to the movement 
 with c-scope and fur, and currently offers a free Open License Software 
 Supplement (Skunkware) CD that includes many cutting-edge Open Source 
 See for more on SCO's Linux and Open Source activity.
 Note to Editors: SCO will be in booth L3276 in the Linux Business Expo, 
 which is co-located with Spring Comdex in Chicago.
 About SCO
 SCO (NASDAQ: SCOC) is a global leader in server-based software for 
 networked business computing. The market-leading UNIX server software from 
 SCO runs non-stop businesses worldwide. The SCO Tarantella family of 
 software products provides instant web access to applications running on 
 all leading servers, enabling businesses to access and manage information 
 anywhere, anytime.  SCO Professional Services help businesses plan, deploy 
 and maintain UNIX, Linux and Tarantella environments. Visit SCO on the web 
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 Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries. UNIX is a 
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 Tom Fox-Sellers
 Public Relations Specialist, Linux & Open Source
 Tel: 831-427-7049

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