[ @(#)README.sun4	3.1	19:49:15	28 Dec 1991 ]

You'll need to do the following to get the shadow password dist to
compile on a sun 4.1.1 system.

copy Makefile.sun4 to Makefile, and make any system specific changes.

copy config.h.sun4 config.h, and make any system specific changes.

You may have to edit the pwd.h.m4 file by hand, as the sunos m4 may
not grok the pwd.h.m4 file corectly.  If you have the /usr/5bin/m4,
substitute that.  Be sure to delete the pwd.h file before typeing 
'make' again, as there will be an empty one left from the failed attempt
to use the standard sunos m4.

type 'make'.  If everything goes well, then type 'make install'

If using csh, then type 'rehash'.  cd to the /etc directory and type
'pwconv'.  This will create two files,  nshadow and npasswd.
now type 'mkpasswd -f nshadow' and 'mkpasswd -f npasswd'.  This will
create the shadow password file.

Note: The shadow group stuff does not work with sunos.  

Note: ftp will still use the old password file.

Note: if you run suns pcnfs, be aware that it will still be looking at the
      old password file as well.  I may work out a patch for this, as I am
      fairly certain the stuff on the sun side comes with source.

Note: I have compiled this package with the standard c compiler and
      suns unbundled c compiler at an optomization level of 2 in
      both casses.  Haven't tried gcc yet, so I don't know wether it
      works.  Same goes for suns C++ compiler.

Note: has been compiled on a sun 3/75 running sunos 4.1.1.  Should compile
      fine on sun 4's running 4.1.1, and may compile on suns running
      4.1.  Have no idea what sort of success people will have that
      are running 4.03 and older versions.