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Subject: (very) preliminary 386 release
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Date: 14 Apr 90 20:33:00 GMT
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Posted: Sat Apr 14 21:33:00 1990

As part of the 4.4BSD development effort, Bill Jolitz has just completed
a preliminary port of the current 4.3BSD system to the Intel 386 architecture.
The only supported configuration is:

        ISA bus
        ST 506 disk controller (e.g. WD1003 and compatibles)
        at least 1 Mb RAM
        at least 40 Mb disk
        Ethernets using the National 8390 chip (e.g. NE1000, WD boards)

We are interested in finding sites willing to add functionality to the system.
At this time we are ONLY interested in sites that can not only fix their own
problems but are interested in adding support for new peripherals.

Currently, a 4.3BSD or 4.3BSD-tahoe Berkeley license is required for the

For further information, please contact Keith Bostic, preferably by email,
at (415-642-4948, uunet!bostic, or

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