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From: Warren Toomey <>
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Subject: Petition SCO for PDP-11 UNIX Source Licenses

	You may have received email from me last week asking for ideas about
lobbying SCO to make source licenses for PDP-11 UNIXes available. The feedback
from the email was in favour of creating a petition which we would present to
SCO. I mailed a draft petition to many of you and again got a favourable

Therefore, I've set up a WWW petition for PDP-11 UNIX source licenses at

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!!! if you agree with the petition.

PLEASE GET OTHER PEOPLE TO SIGN TOO!!! We need as many signatures as we can
get. Pass the word around to other interested people you know of.

If you filled in the PDP-11 UNIX source code survey on the same WWW server,
your name has been automatically put on the petition, unless you disagreed
with the petition's contents. Please email me if you want your name removed.
You can re-sign the petition to add your Full Name; I'll tidy it up later.

I'd like to get well over 100 names on the petition before I pass it to SCO.
If you have contacts at SCO who we could send the petition, please email me!
If you'd like to be put on a mailing list to be kept informed of the petition's
progress, also email me.

Hopefully, we will get a result from SCO.

Thanks again,

	Warren Toomey

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From: Warren Toomey <>
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Subject: PDP UNIX Src License Petition
To: (PDP Unix Preservation)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 12:05:23 +1000 (EST)
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Apologies if you've already got word of this; I've lost track of who I have
& haven't emailed. There is a petition to sign to convince SCO to make
Unix source licenses available at

160 signatures so far, about 120 culled from the survey I was running and
40 in the past 48 hours. Please sign if you want SCO to make licenses

Informal feedback from SCO is good; Dion Johnson there thinks it looks
reasonable & he will be our advocate at SCO.


From: (Warren Toomey)
Subject: Petition for UNIX Src License - status
Date: 1997/07/09
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Sender: (Warren Toomey)
Organization: ADFA News Service
Keywords: unix src license petition to sco needs your help

The petition urging SCO to make source code licenses for 6th and 7th Edition
UNIX (and their relations) is going well, with over 200 signatures on the
petition so far. However, we still need your support to encourage SCO to act.

If you ever used UNIX on a PDP-11, own a copy of John Lions Commentary
(legal or otherwise), believe that these systems are historically
interesting, or even if you think owning a source code license to a
REAL UNIX would be cool, then please SIGN THE PETITION at

If you know anybody else who might be prepared to sign this petition,
then ___pass this message onto them___. Finally, check out the home page
of the PDP-11 UNIX Preservation Society at

Many thanks in advance,

	Warren Toomey