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Subject: PDP-11 Unix Source Licenses - Status
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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:48:36 +1100 (EST)
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Hi all,
	We've had a number of new subscribers to the PDP-11 UNIX mailing
list, so I'd like to welcome them to the list, and say that questions about
these old systems (and the hardware) are always welcome here, so fire away!

I mailed Dion Johnson at SCO again re the license issue, with no reply.
I tried some other SCO contacts, and got this back from Peter Laytham:

	Unfortunately this is always a busy time for SCO folk - September is
	our end of financial year, which means October and November are given
	over to planning and regional kick-off events including training
	(which Dion gets involved in).

	If you can bear with us, we are both submitting your case to the
	powers that be within SCO. However SCO has a fair bit of other work
	to cope with keeping the evil empire at bay and rolling out some
	significant new technologies (SVr5, Tarantella and two clustering
	products - reliantHA and Non-stop for UnixWare) which is slowing down
	non critical decisions such as this one.


So it looks like we're in for some more waiting.

Sorry for the lack of change in status,