1969-03-24   Network Timetable
1969-06-02   The Decode-Encode Language

1970-02-04   The Network Working Group Documentation Conventions
1970-02-12   New Communication Protocol in the ARPA Network
1970-03-20   Network Meeting (UCLA)
1970-04-14   New Protocol is Coming
1970-06-09   An Official Protocol Mechanism
1970-07-01   Updated Distribution List
1970-11-20   Network Meeting Report (Houston, TX)

1971-01-19   Some Historic Moments in Networking
1971-02-23   Notes on the Network Working Group Meeting (Urbana, Illinois)
1971-03-31   Pressure from the Chairman
1971-05-xx   The ARPA Network
1971-08-06   A Character Display Protocol
1971-08-21   Network Checkout
1971-08-23   NWG Meeting On Network Usage
1971-08-30   NCP, ICP, and TELNET: The Terminal IMP Implementation
1971-09-13   System Programmer's Workshop
1971-09-14   Network Information Center Schedule
1971-10-05   Network Working Group Meeting Schedule (Cambridge, Mass)
1971-12-21   Official List of Host Names
1971-12-22   Status of Network Hosts

1972-02-08   Exercising the Arpanet
1972-03-24   Computer Based Instruction Networking Activity at MITRE
1972-04-03   Telnet Protocol
1972-04-15   A National Net Links Computers  [PDF]
1972-05-18   User Accounts for UCSB On-line System
1972-06-05   TIP Site Information Form
1972-06-21   ARPA Network Control Center
1972-06-22   Status of New IMP system
1972-07-11   Serving Remote Users on the ARPANET
1972-07-11   A Letter to all TIPS Users
1972-07-12   Demonstration at International Computer Communications Conference
1972-07-14   Arbitrary characters sets
1972-07-19   New IMP System is released
1972-07-25   Evaluation of ARPANET Services
1972-07-26   Improved Network Operation
1972-08-03   Mathematical Software on the ARPA Network
1972-08-08   Network Host Status
1972-08-16   Letter to TIPS Users
1972-08-28   Organizations with present or scheduled direct connection to the Network
1972-10-26   ARPA Network Mailing Lists
1972-11-14   New Multics Network Software Features
1972-11-27   A Software Consulting Service for Network Users
1972-12-11   Traffic Statistics
1972-12-19   "But my NCP costs $500 a day..."
1972-12-30   Network Map  Logical  Geographical

1973-01-04   CCA ICCC Weather Demo
1973-01-29   IMP/TIP Memory Retrofit Schedule
1973-02-07   Meeting Announcement to Discuss a Network Mail System
1973-02-13   NCP Survey
1973-03-07   IMP/TIP Memory Retrofit Schedule
1973-03-08   Network Mail Meeting Summary
1973-03-23   NLS Classes at Network Sites
1973-05-01   TELNET Protocol Specification
1973-05-07   Real-Time Data Transmission on the ARPANET
1973-05-30   Request for Network Mailbox Addresses
1973-06-13   A Proposed Mail Protocol
1973-06-25   Digital Image Processing Software Systems Technical Meeting
1973-07-09   Thoughts on the Mail Protocol Proposed
1973-07-27   Response to Critiques of the Proposed Mail Protocol
1973-08-xx   NYU, ANL, and LBL Joining the Net.
1973-08-12   File Transfer Protocol
1973-09-05   Standardizing Network Mail Headers
1973-10-25   Note to protocol designers and implementers
1973-11-05   Machine Readable Protocols
1973-11-06   Charter for Arpanet Users Interest Working Group
1973-11-06   Arpanet Users Interest Working Group Meeting
1973-11-29   Telnet and FTP Implementation Schedule Change
1973-12-xx   ARPA Computer Network is susceptible to security violations
1973-12-12   List of Hosts connected to the ARPANET
1973-12-14   Traffic Statistics

1974-01-16   Traffic Statistics
1974-04-17   International Meeting on Mini-Computers and Data Communication
1974-12-19   Standard File Formats

1975-07-11   Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers
1975-09-02   Burroughs B6700 attachment to an ARPA-Style network
1975-11-xx   On the Junk Mail Problem

1977-05-12   Proposed Official Standard for the Format of ARPA Network Messages
1977-11-21   Standard for the Format of ARPA Network Text Messages

1979-09-10   Solution to Naming, Addressing, and Delivery for ARPAnet Message Systems