EST Tuesday, January 11, 1994

11:30 am The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, "Superhighway" LIVE Opening Remarks by Andrea L. Rich, Vice Chancellor of UCLA, and Richard H. Frank, President of ATAS and The Walt Disney Studios

11:45 am Address by Reed E. Hundt, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

12:00 pm "Couch Potato 2000: The Shape of Tomorrow's TV"
                Stephen M. Case, President and CEO, American OnLine, Inc
                Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO, QVC
                Lawrence J. Ellison, President and CEO, Oracle Corporation
                John C. Malone, President, Tele-Communications, Inc.
                Richard C. Notebaert, President and CEO, Ameritech
                Brian L. Roberts, President, Comcast Corporation

1:15 pm "The Superhighway's Impact on the Landscape: What it Means for Society"
               Robert L. Johnson, President, Black Entertainment Television
               Deborah Kaplan, Vice-President and Director, Division on Technology Policy, World, Institute on Disability
               Mitchell Kapor, Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation,
               Robert M. Kavner, Executive Vice-President and CEO, Multimedia Products and Services Group AT&T
               Alan Kay, Fellow, Apple Computer,
               Ruth L. Otte, President and COO, Discovery Networks

2:30 pm Speech by Vice President Al Gore, "Superhighway"

3:30 pm to be announced

4:30 pm The [Television] Academy of Arts and Sciences, "Superhighway" LIVE

4:30 pm "Infobankingcompushoppingtainment: The Blurred Lines of Programming"
               Robert A. Iger, Executive Vice-President, Capital Cities/ABC Inc
               Thomas J. Kalinske, President and CEO, Sega of America Inc.
               Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios
               Geraldine Laybourne, President, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite; Vice Chairman, MTV Networks
               Lucie Salhany, Chairman, Fox Broadcasting Company
               Scott M. Sassa, President, Turner Entertainment Group

5:45 pm "Master of the Universe: The Consumer"
               Bob Crestani, Executive Vice-President and Head of Television, West Coast, William Morris Agency
               Jerry Della Femina, President, Jerry Inc
               Paul Goldberger, Cultural News Editor, New York Times
               Quincy Jones, Co-CEO, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, CEO Qwest Records
               Edward R. McCracken, President & CEO, Silicon Graphics Inc.
               Alan D. Schwartz, Executive Vice-President, Bear Stearns and Co. Inc

7:00 pm "CEO Summit"
               Michael D. Eisner, Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Company
               Gerald M. Levin, Chairman & CEO, Time Warner Inc.
               Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & CEO, News Corporation
               Phillip J. Quigley, President & CEO, Pacific Bell
               Michael P. Schulhof, President & CEO, Sony Corporation of America
               Raymond W. Smith, Chairman & CEO, Bell Atlantic Corporation

8:15 pm Concluding Remarks by Richard H. Frank, President, ATAS and The Walt Disney Studios