Electronic message of 24 May 1991 from Eric M. Aupperle, President of Merit Network, Inc., to Stephen S. Wolff, Division Director of NCRI, National Science Foundation, acknowledging confirmation of NSF-Merit agreement on the flow of commercial traffic across NSF sponsored gateways to the T3 network.

Message:  8667397, Reply to: 8663885, 3 lines
Posted:  8:56pm EDT, Fri May 24/91
Subject:  ANS commercial traffic
To:  steve@cise.nsf.gov
From:  Eric M. Aupperle

Steve, this acknowledge's your note about commercial traffic on NSF sponsored gateways to the T3 network. I've shared it with Al Weis. Have a good weekend.

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Posted: 12:32pm EDT, Fri May 24/91, imported: 12:35pm EDT, Fri May 24/91
Subject: ANS commercial traffic
To:  Eric M. Aupperle, ema@merit.edu
Cc: jcavines@nsf.gov, steve@cise.cise.nsf.gov
From:  steve@cise.nsf.gov

This is to confirm our agreement on the flow of commercial traffic across the NSF sponsored gateways to the T3 network.

NSF agrees that ANS may move commercial traffic in both directions across the NSF sponsored Backbone gateways, providing that:

(1) ANS recovers at least the average cost of the commercial use that traverses the NSF sponsored gateways.

(2) Excess revenues recovered above costs for this use after tax will be placed in a pool to be distributed.

(3) An ANS resource allocation committee will be formed with representation from the participating NSF sponsored gateway management, other network organizations, the NSF and ANS to distribute those funds with the objective of further building national and regional infrastructure, and

(4) MERIT and ANS ensures that the attachment and services sponsored by the NSF under Merit's Cooperative Agreement with the NSF is not diminished.

NSF, MERIT and ANS will agree on the technical means of compliance with the points outlined above.