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From: daniel@bauhaus ("Daniel Torrey")
Newsgroups: alt.gopher
Subject: PC Gopher II Released
Message-ID: <>
Date: 10 Apr 92 00:26:07 GMT
Article-I.D.: bauhaus.9204100046.AA01004
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PC Gopher II, the new Internet Gopher client for DOS-based
microcomputers, is now available for anonymous ftp from
in the directory

The directory contains the following files:

	GOPHER.EXE  The main executable file.
	GOPHER.OVR  The overlay file.
	GOPHER.REZ  The resource / configuration info file.
	REZGEN.EXE  A utility to generate a new resource file,
              should your old one get munged.
	GENV.BAT    An EXAMPLE of a batchfile to set up your
              environment properly for PC Gopher II - it's
              ONLY an example, and won't work if you don't
              modify it to suit your environment!
	About_PCGII List of changes, etc.
	PCGII.ZIP   All of the above, archived with PKZIP
	PCG2_SRC.ZIP  The source files, Turbo Pascal v6.0, and the
                TCP/IP driver, IBMTCP.DVR
	PKUNZIP.EXE	  A program to unarchive the .ZIP files
	00README		  This file, more or less.


Also, be sure to read the accompanying file About_PCGII!  Many things
have changed between the old PC Gopher and PC Gopher II; if you just
grab the executable and run it, you will certainly run into trouble!

A quick rundown of what's new:

1. Support for the Gopher <--> WAIS gateway

2. Minimal support for CSO servers

3. Path to telnet application is now read from the environment

4. Fully overlaid; overlay buffer kept in EMS if available.

5. Directory cacheing

In order to run PC Gopher II, you'll need a packet driver; the  
version 9 distribution of the Clarkson packet drivers is available in  
the directory


All available previous versions have all been moved to a directory  


Bug reports, flames, beer, and cash should all be sent to:


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