Solaris SPARC and Intel Source Code Program

Why is Sun announcing this program?

Sun's education customers have requested that we take a fresh look at technology licensing for teaching and research. We are starting with Solaris and overhauling the program, taking into account the feedback we have been given, and adding some new features.

Sun is interested in what it's customers do with source code and wants to share ideas for improvement with researchers worldwide. Specifically, this program encourages the sharing of source code changes and the evaluation and possible integration of these changes into future releases of Solaris.

What are the main elements of the program?


How do I place an order?

This is a new program which has been announced internally and will be press released shortly. However, as this is a radical new program and not everyone worldwide will be as knowledgable on it's order process, so here's how it works.

Software Program Manager: Graham Lovell
Email: Graham.Lovell@Sun.Com

Source Code Program Documentation Pages

Solaris Source Code

Last updated May 12, 1997

Software Program Manager: Graham Lovell
Email: Graham.Lovell@Sun.Com