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		    SunSoft Introduces Wabi 2.0

SunFLASH Vol 70 #13					         October 1994
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         John J. Mclaughlin, Publisher & Editor -
70.13 	SunSoft Introduces Wabi 2.0

	SunSoft, Inc.  introduced Wabi 2.0, the latest version of the
	company's breakthrough translation software technology that
	enables the most popular Microsoft Windows applications to run
	at high performance levels on UNIX-based workstations and
	servers. With the addition of eight new certified applications
	and two of the most popular integrated software suites, Lotus
	SmartSuite and Microsoft Office, Wabi 2.0 offers support for 24
	of the most popular Microsoft Windows software applications and
	suites. Together, these applications account for more than 80
	percent of the unit shipments of all Microsoft Windows-based
	applications. Wabi 2.0 also provides impressive performance
	enhancements over earlier versions of the product.

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"Sun is dedicated to making Wabi the preeminent translation
software available to users who wish to run Microsoft Windows
productivity applications on their UNIX- based desktops," said Scott
McNealy, chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  "Sun has devoted
extensive resources to the development of Wabi and will continue to
provide that same level of commitment and enthusiasm for this
innovative product into the future.   Sun was founded on the premise of
open systems and standards-based technology. Wabi is the latest result
of Sun's efforts to build on that technology heritage."

"Wabi is already in the hands of 150,000 users who want to
enhance their UNIX desktop capabilities with a productivity
environment to run the top Windows applications," said Dave Power, Vice
President and General Manager of SunSoft's PC Desktop Integration.
"With Wabi 2.0, we are providing our customers with eight more of the
Windows applications and two suites they've asked for. In addition,
many other applications, which we have not yet certified, will also

SunSoft recently implemented a rigorous international beta
testing program, whereby pre-release versions of Wabi 2.0 are
being tested by users at more than 200 sites worldwide.  "With Wabi
2.0, you not only get more applications than before," said Gregory
Quinn, a systems administrator and scientist at the Molecular Biology
Lab at the University of South Florida,  "but they're vital apps, and
Wabi runs them very well."

Translation Technology Provides Optimum Performance and UNIX

Based on translation technology, Wabi 2.0 enables UNIX users to
run applications written for Microsoft Windows with high
performance on both RISC-based and Intel- based platforms. In addition
to Application Programming Interface (API) translation, Wabi 2.0 on
RISC-based platforms features enhanced CPU instruction translation,
thereby doubling the speed of CPU-intensive operations such as
spell-checking, installation of applications and spreadsheet

"Unlike competitive products that are based on emulation
technology, Wabi translates Windows application function calls
into those recognized by X Windows, significantly reducing processing
overhead," said Andy Halford, Director of Engineering for SunSoft's PC
Desktop Integration. "Wabi users can run more applications
simultaneously than they can under Microsoft Windows. Wabi provides
better integration with the native desktop than any other solution for
running Microsoft Windows applications under UNIX. This improved
integration breaks emulation's single window barrier."

With Wabi, each Microsoft Windows application has its own icon
on the desktop, can be launched directly from the desktop, and
runs as a separate window, thus maintaining a familiar environment for
the user. In addition, users can share files and access network
printers from within Microsoft Windows applications. Wabi also enables
users to cut and paste and drag and drop between Microsoft Windows and
UNIX applications.

Wabi 2.0 includes a selection of TrueType fonts from Bitstream
Inc. Under an agreement with Bitstream, SunSoft licenses
Bitstream's font-handling technology and makes a selection of TrueType
fonts available to Wabi users.

Wabi 2.0 Supports 24 Popular Windows Applications

An additional eight Windows-based applications and two software
suites have been certified to operate with Wabi 2.0. They

*       Intuit Quicken 3.0
*       Lotus Approach 2.1
*       Lotus cc:Mail 2.0
*       Lotus Freelance 2.01
*       Lotus Notes 3.0c
*       Lotus Organizer 1.1
*       Microsoft Access 2.0
*       Microsoft Mail 3.2
*       Lotus SmartSuite 2.0
*       Microsoft Office 4.3

Wabi 2.0 also supports newer versions of the following original 14
certified applications:

*       Aldus PageMaker 5.0
*       CorelDraw 4.0
*       Harvard Graphics for Windows 2.0
*       Lotus AmiPro for Windows 3.01
*       Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows 4.0
*       Microsoft Excel for Windows 5.0
*       Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0
*       Microsoft Windows 3.11
*       Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0
*       ProComm Plus for Windows 1.02
*       Microsoft Project for Windows 4.0
*       Paradox for Windows 4.5
*       Quattro Pro for Windows 5.0
*       WordPerfect for Windows 6.0a.

Users of Wabi 2.0 can install Windows applications directly on
to their UNIX-based systems in exactly the same way they would
install software on a PC, enabling them to leverage their investment in
PC-based training and support.

Distribution, Availability and Pricing Information

Wabi 2.0 will be available from SunSoft to UNIX OEMs, including
Sun, IBM, Hewlett- Packard, Novell and SCO. Today SunSoft is
also announcing that Wabi 2.0 will be co- packaged with Solaris 2.4
this quarter. Other OEMs will announce their own plans for packaging,
pricing, and availability.

SunSoft, Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, California, is a
subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, Inc. with offices worldwide.
SunSoft's charter is to design, market, sell and support the industry's
highest-quality software environment for enabling businesses to gain a
competitive advantage through information systems. SunSoft delivers a
suite of solutions that easily and cost-effectively connect, integrate
and manage large enterprise environments. Products are licensed by
SunSoft and distributed through major computer manufacturers and
resellers worldwide.


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