Microsoft Delivers World's Fastest Modern Browser Available Today

Internet Explorer 5 Saves Users Time by Providing the Fastest, Easiest And Most Flexible Web Experience

Redmond, Wash. - March 18, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate worldwide availability of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5, the eagerly awaited Web browser software that works faster to save users time. Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, introduced Internet Explorer 5 today at a launch event at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash., highlighting it as a centerpiece of the company's Internet innovations in its Windows® operating system. Internet Explorer 5 offers breakthrough improvements in browsing performance, usability and flexibility that will enable users to get more out of the Internet than ever before.

"Internet Explorer 5 sets a new standard in Web browsing performance," said Gates. "Consumers now have fast and simple access to all the Internet has to offer, from information and commerce to communication."

In debuting Internet Explorer 5, Gates outlined Microsoft's vision for the Web lifestyle, a lifestyle in which the Internet enhances and expands the way people learn, entertain, collaborate and communicate. As part of this announcement, Microsoft also unveiled the Windows Radio Toolbar, an exciting new feature in Internet Explorer 5 that provides users with easy access to Internet radio stations from around the world. With a single click, consumers can listen to streaming radio content directly in their browser while continuing to simultaneously surf the Web. Microsoft introduced more than 300 radio content providers worldwide offering a wide array of radio content from international news broadcasts to college radio stations, all available to Internet Explorer 5 users.

Gates announced Internet Explorer 5 along with other upcoming enhancements to Windows, such as Internet Connection Sharing, that represent important milestones on the road to full realization of the Web lifestyle for consumers. Internet Connection Sharing will enable multiple users to seamlessly and securely access the Web at the same time via a single shared Internet connection. Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Connection Sharing are at the core of Windows 98 Second Edition, an update to Windows 98 scheduled to be broadly available in the retail and OEM channels in the fall, and that will enable consumers to more easily take advantage of all that the Web has to offer.

Internet Explorer 5 Works Faster to Save Users Time

Microsoft has designed Internet Explorer 5 to save users time, from simplifying and automating common tasks to furthering Microsoft's lead in providing users with the fastest full-featured browsing experience on the Web today. Internet Explorer 5 is the fastest modern browser for users of Windows. A modern browser is one that supports the ability to view the breadth of Internet content on the Web - HTML 4.0, CSS, Document Object Model, ECMA-262 compliant scripting - as well as delivers a rich, easy-to-use interface. With Internet Explorer 5, users can experience page-rendering performance improvements of up to 60 percent in comparison with Netscape Navigator 4.5 on top sites; average start-up is an average of 39 percent faster with Internet Explorer than with Netscape Navigator 4.5. By additionally incorporating Microsoft IntelliSense® technologies and an open platform for customers and developers, Internet Explorer 5 offers a much simpler, more flexible and faster Web experience.

Internet Explorer 5 in Business

Internet Explorer 5 also offers a premier browsing solution for businesses interested in increasing productivity and reducing cost of ownership. Corporations are already adopting Internet Explorer 5 to take advantage of its unmatched ease of use and stability, powerful deployment and management tools, and its unrivaled support for rich intranet application technologies. Leading corporations in a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to finance are building intranet applications based on standards-based technologies supported in Internet Explorer 5 and are customizing and deploying Internet Explorer 5 via the Internet Explorer Administration Kit. Today, Microsoft announced that Vencor Inc. and Wheat First Union have joined the list of companies that have chosen Internet Explorer 5 for their business. Together these companies represent more than 350,000 desktops.

Internet Explorer 5 for Developers

Internet Explorer 5 improves the ease and speed with which developers can create powerful Web-based applications and content because of its support for new technologies like Dynamic HTML Behaviors, as well as its unparalleled support for XML 1.0, XSL, HTML 4.0, CSS 1.0 and 2.0, Document Object Mail, and ECMA-compliant scripting. In addition, the componentized architecture of Internet Explorer enables developers to easily take advantage of portions of the Internet Explorer 5 browsing code to incorporate Web-related functionality like HTML rendering and editing into their own products. Microsoft recently announced that more than 2000 independent software vendors have chosen Internet Explorer to provide premier Internet functionality to their customers.

Availability and Support

Internet Explorer 5 is available immediately for download on the Web at (connect-time charges may apply). It is being distributed to a broader range of customers than any previous version. In a related announcement today, an unprecedented number of leading portal vendors, Internet service providers and PC manufacturers announced they will be making the browser available to their customers. Microsoft will simultaneously deliver Internet Explorer for the Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT® 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 3.1, Sun Solaris and HP-UX operating systems. Internet Explorer 5 is also available internationally, with more than 26 languages being rolled out over the next several weeks.

Customers downloading Internet Explorer 5 from Microsoft are eligible to receive 90 days of no-charge assistance via online support or by phone. For more information on Microsoft support offerings, please visit

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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Top Media Providers Worldwide Embrace Internet Explorer 5 Streaming Radio

Windows Radio Toolbar Integrated With Internet Explorer 5 Provides Seamless Access to Most Popular Audio Content on the Internet

REDMOND, Wash. - March 18, 1999 - Microsoft Corp. today announced that Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 customers now have the easiest access to Internet radio stations from around the world through the new Windows® Radio toolbar. Integrated directly into Internet Explorer 5 browser software and based on the popular Windows Media Technologies, the Windows Radio toolbar provides seamless access to the most popular audio content on the Internet with a single click and allows users to browse the Web while listening to streaming audio within the browser.

More than 300 radio stations worldwide are available today for use with the new Windows Radio toolbar feature. In the United States, users of Internet Explorer 5 in 16 of the 20 largest cities can enjoy a local radio station via the Windows Radio toolbar - with many more local and Internet stations on the way. Some of the premier Internet stations available today online include the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, House of Blues Internet Radio, LaunchCast, National Pubic Radio (NPR), MUSIC CHOICE, MSNBC and ZDTV. More than 100 radio stations are expected to become available in the coming months.

By providing the easiest access to a broad variety of streaming audio technologies, the Windows Radio toolbar will enable new opportunities for streaming audio on the Internet. Web sites can now make streaming content available through the Windows Radio toolbar to a maximum number of users with minimal effort. In addition, the Windows Radio toolbar offers opportunities for traditional broadcasters to move into the Internet radio space by offering a larger market with simpler, more convenient access to their content.

"Being able to listen to your favorite radio station over the Internet, whether your local station, the most popular nationally syndicated shows, or a station on the other side of the world, is a real benefit for our customers and is now simpler than ever," said Yusuf Mehdi, director of Windows marketing at Microsoft. "By offering a breakthrough in the usability of streaming audio, we expect that the Windows Radio toolbar will further accelerate the rapidly growing market for streaming audio on the Internet."

Popular Internet Radio Stations Accessible With Toolbar Today

Leading Internet radio stations have enthusiastically signed on to broadcast via the Windows Radio toolbar. More than 300 stations, with additional stations becoming accessible quickly, are currently available via a single mouse-click. (See addendum with a partial listing of participating stations).

"As a featured station on the Windows Radio toolbar, we look forward to offering our award-winning programming to an even larger audience and expanding service to NPR member stations," said M.J. Bear, director of new media for National Public Radio. "This is the first continuous feed that NPR Online is making available to its Internet users. Key NPR programs such as "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" will be included in the Windows Media stream after their initial on-air broadcast on the West Coast. Users will also be able to listen to NPR hourly news updated in between the program streams."

"We are pleased to offer Internet Explorer users the ability to listen to more than 100 radio stations through the innovative Windows Radio toolbar," said Mark Cuban, chairman and president of "We will be able to offer our radio station content partners extended distribution of their programming to the large audience of Internet Explorer."

House of Blues is incredibly enthusiastic about this exciting new medium - Internet radio offers a truly worldwide reach to disseminate House of Blues' world-class music experience to people all over the world," said Stephen Felisan, vice president of House of Blues Digital. "The reach, flexibility and technology will enable savvy programmers of rich content, like the House of Blues, to tell a story in an unprecedented way."

"We're excited to debut the Internet streaming of our service along with the launch of the Windows Radio toolbar," said Dave Del Beccaro, president and CEO of MUSIC CHOICE. "Users will find that MUSIC CHOICE is different from radio in that our library is deeper, the channels are meticulously programmed, and it's commercial-free, so the music sounds better."

"We are thrilled to be unveiling's LaunchCast with the debut of the Microsoft Radio toolbar," said David Goldberg, CEO, LAUNCH. "We are excited to be providing a great way for consumers to discover new music directly from Internet Explorer 5."

Internet Explorer 5 Available Today

Internet Explorer 5, the world's fastest modern browser for Windows, works faster to save users time. For the first time, Microsoft will simultaneously deliver Internet Explorer for the Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT® 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 3.1, Sun Solaris and HP-UX operating systems. In addition, Internet Explorer is available internationally, with more than 26 languages being rolled out in the next several weeks.


Internet Explorer 5 is available today for free download (connect-time charges may apply) at

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

Microsoft, Windows and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Windows Radio Toolbar Partners Include:

United States Internet Stations

  1. All Things Considered
  2. American Family Radio
  3. Bloomberg Financial News
  4. Blues Summit
  5. Christian Pirate Radio
  6. CNN
  7. CNN En Español
  8. CNN Headline News
  9. CNN International
  10. CNN/SI
  11. Cyber Radio Channel 3
  12. Cyber Radio Channel 7
  13. Cyber Radio Channel 9
  14. DAER
  15. Glossy Radio
  16. GRIT
  17. Hard Radio
  18. House of Blues
  19. Husky Webcast
  20. Jazzy
  21. KLASI
  22. K-LOVE
  23. KNAC
  25. Mega Mix 96
  26. Morning Edition
  27. MSNBC
  28. Music Choice - '80s
  29. Music Choice - Alternative Rock
  30. Music Choice - New Releases
  31. Music Choice - R & B Hits
  32. NPR
  33. Pick Online
  34. Radio Fusion
  35. Rejoice Radio
  36. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  37. Rocktime Radio
  38. Rush Limbaugh
  39. Superadio
  40. Talk of the Nation
  41. The Bob and Tom Show
  42. When Radio Was
  43. ZDTV Radio



United States Terrestrial Stations

Call LettersCityStateCountry

  1. KMLEPhoenixAZUS
  2. KNSTTucsonAZUS
  3. KQSTSedonaAZUS
  4. KRQQTucsonAZUS
  5. KWFMTucsonAZUS
  6. KBAYSan JoseCAUS
  7. KFOGSan FranciscoCAUS
  8. KFREFresnoCAUS
  9. KIBGMercedCAUS
  10. KKSFSan FranciscoCAUS
  11. KNBRSan FranciscoCAUS
  12. KOGOSan DiegoCAUS
  13. KPLNSan DiegoCAUS
  14. KRSISanta MonicaCAUS
  15. KSJOSan JoseCAUS
  16. KYXYSan DiegoCAUS
  17. KZQZSan FranciscoCAUS
  18. XTRASan DiegoCAUS
  19. KOADenverCOUS
  20. KSPZColorado SpringsCOUS
  21. KTWKColorado SpringsCOUS
  22. KVORColorado SpringsCOUS
  23. KVUUColorado SpringsCOUS
  24. WHCNHartfordCTUS
  25. WKSSHartfordCTUS
  26. WMRQHartfordCTUS
  27. WPLRNew HavenCTUS
  28. WPOPHartfordCTUS
  29. WWYZHartfordCTUS
  30. WYBCNew HavenCTUS
  31. WYBC FMNew HavenCTUS
  32. WBIGWashingtonDCUS
  33. WILMWilmingtonDEUS
  34. WAPEJacksonvilleFLUS
  35. WBWLJacksonvilleFLUS
  36. WFLATampaFLUS
  37. WFYVJacksonvilleFLUS
  38. WKISMiamiFLUS
  39. WKQLJacksonvilleFLUS
  40. WLVEMiamiFLUS
  41. WMXQJacksonvilleFLUS
  42. WOKVJacksonvilleFLUS
  43. WPOWMiamiFLUS
  44. WTANClearwaterFLUS
  45. WALRAtlantaGAUS


    United States Terrestrial Stations, cont...

    Call LettersCityStateCountry

  46. WCCVCartersvilleGAUS
  47. WKLSAtlantaGAUS
  48. WNNXAtlantaGAUS
  49. WKQXChicagoILUS
  50. WABXEvansvilleINUS
  51. WBCLFort WayneINUS
  52. WFBQIndianapolisINUS
  53. WIKYEvansvilleINUS
  54. WJPSEvansvilleINUS
  55. WNDEIndianapolisINUS
  56. WRZXIndianapolisINUS
  57. WUEVEvansvilleINUS
  58. KEYNWichitaKSUS
  59. KFHWichitaKSUS
  60. KKRDWichitaKSUS
  61. KNSSWichitaKSUS
  62. KQAMWichitaKSUS
  63. KRBBWichitaKSUS
  64. KRZZWichitaKSUS
  65. KSALSalinaKSUS
  66. KWSJWichitaKSUS
  67. KZSNWichitaKSUS
  68. WJIELouisvilleKYUS
  69. WHTQShelbyvilleKYUS
  70. KHLALake CharlesLAUS
  71. KQIDAlexandriaLAUS
  72. WBSNNew OrleansLAUS
  73. WAAFBostonMAUS
  74. WFNXBostonMAUS
  75. WHMP FMSpringfieldMAUS
  76. WHMP AMSpringfieldMAUS
  77. WPKXSpringfieldMAUS
  78. WBALBaltimoreMDUS
  79. WIYYBaltimoreMDUS
  80. KFNSSt. LouisMOUS
  81. WDCGRaleighNCUS
  82. WGQRElizabethtownNCUS
  83. WHSLGreensboroNCUS
  84. WKKTCharlotteNCUS
  85. WLYTCharlotteNCUS
  86. WMAGGreensboroNCUS
  87. WMFRGreensboroNCUS
  88. WRDURaleighNCUS
  89. WRFXCharlotteNCUS
  90. WRRZClintonNCUS
  91. WRSNRaleighNCUS
  92. WTCKGreensboroNCUS
  93. WTRGRaleighNCUS
  94. KFABOmahaNEUS
  95. KGOROmahaNEUS
  96. KIBZLincolnNEUS


    United States Terrestrial Stations, cont...

    Call LettersCityStateCountry

  97. KKNBLincolnNEUS
  98. KTGLLincolnNEUS
  99. KTNPOmahaNEUS
  100. KXKTOmahaNEUS
  101. KZKXOmahaNEUS
  102. WBLSNew YorkNYUS
  103. WCAANew YorkNYUS
  104. WGNAAlbanyNYUS
  105. WHTZNew YorkNYUS
  106. WORNew YorkNYUS
  107. WPYXAlbanyNYUS
  108. WTRYAlbanyNYUS
  109. WXLEAlbanyNYUS
  110. WYNYNew YorkNYUS
  111. WCLVClevelandOHUS
  112. KKJJAshlandORUS
  113. KRWQMedfordORUS
  114. KXLPortlandORUS
  115. KZZEMedfordORUS
  116. WDRVPittsburghPAUS
  117. WDVEPittsburghPAUS
  118. WJJJPittsburghPAUS
  119. WLCHLancasterPAUS
  120. WRTSEriePAUS
  121. WXDXPittsburghPAUS
  122. WMYIGreenvilleSCUS
  123. WROQGreenvilleSCUS
  124. WSSLGreenvilleSCUS
  125. WLACNashvilleTNUS
  126. WNRQNashvilleTNUS
  127. WRVWNashvilleTNUS
  128. WSIXNashvilleTNUS
  129. KBFBDallasTXUS
  130. KBXXHoustonTXUS
  131. KDAVLubbockTXUS
  132. KKDADallasTXUS
  133. KKRWHoustonTXUS
  134. KKZNDallasTXUS
  135. KLOLHoustonTXUS
  136. KMJQHoustonTXUS
  137. KODAHoustonTXUS
  138. KQUEHoustonTXUS
  139. KRBEHoustonTXUS
  140. KRTSHoustonTXUS
  141. KTJMHoustonTXUS
  142. KTXQDallasTXUS
  143. KSOPSalt Lake CityUTUS
  144. KALEKennewickWAUS
  145. KAQQSpokaneWAUS
  146. KASBBellevueWAUS
  147. KCDASpokaneWAUS


    United States Terrestrial Stations, cont...

    Call LettersCityStateCountry

  148. KEGXKennewickWAUS
  149. KEYFSpokaneWAUS
  150. KGNWSeattleWAUS
  151. KIOKKennewickWAUS
  152. KISCSpokaneWAUS
  153. KISWSeattleWAUS
  154. KKZXSpokaneWAUS
  155. KNFRSpokaneWAUS
  156. KNLTKennewickWAUS
  157. KPLZSeattleWAUS
  158. KTCRKennewickWAUS
  159. KUJKennewickWAUS
  160. KVISeattleWAUS
  161. WISNMilwaukeeWIUS
  162. WLTQMilwaukeeWIUS
  163. WDMXParkersburgWVUS
  164. WLTPParkersburgWVUS
  165. WNUSViennaWVUS
  166. WVAQMorgantownWVUS



International Stations


  1. 102.3 FM Aspen
  2. 98.3 News
  3. RadioCultura



  4. 2Day FM
  5. 2WS
  6. 4BC
  7. 9inety6ix.1
  8. Channel V
  9. MIX 106.5
  10. OzWorld
  11. PMFM
  12. Radio City
  13. Triple J
  14. Ttalk
  15. TT-FM
  16. Mulray FM
  17. Radio 4BC Brisbane
  18. Australian Music to the World



  1. AXXES
  2. Radio Contact Live


International Stations, cont...


  1. 97 FM
  2. Alpha FM
  3. Antena 1
  4. Boa Vista
  5. Brasil 2.000
  6. Jovem Pan AM
  7. Jovem Pan FM
  8. Lider FM
  9. Metropolitana FM
  10. Radio 89
  11. Radio Cidade
  12. Radio Mundial
  13. RNB
  14. Scalla FM



  1. 680NEWS
  2. CFAX
  3. CHFI-FM
  4. CHIK
  5. CHMB
  6. CKMF
  7. CyberRadio
  8. Edge102
  9. EnergyRadio
  10. KISS92


Czech Republic

  1. LIMO



  2. Bayern 3
  3. Charivari
  5. CyberRadio
  6. Energy 97.1
  7. Hit Radio N1
  8. Radio F
  9. Radio Gong
  10. relax fm


International Stations, cont...


  1. ERA Aegean
  2. MRB
  3. Radio Gold


International Stations, cont...


  1. L'Olgiata
  2. Radio 105
  3. Radio101
  4. RDS
  5. RTL102.5



  1. AVEX
  3. fm osaka
  4. Impress
  5. JOBU-FM
  6. JOKR
  7. JOLF
  8. JOOR
  9. JOQR
  10. JOZZ3AJ-FM
  11. J-WAVE
  12. MBS
  14. Sound Explorer
  15. TBS-J Radio
  16. TOKYO FM



  1. EC-Net
  2. SBS



  1. SWH



  2. ALFA 91.3 FM
  3. CNNE
  4. Formato 21
  5. JOYA
  6. Radioactivo 98 1/2 FM
  7. Radio Fusion
  8. Red FM
  9. Stereo Joya 93.7
  10. Stereo 97.7
  11. Universal Stereo


International Stations, cont...


  1. NRK P3
  2. NRK P1
  3. Radio P4
  4. Radio 1 - Oslo
  5. Radio 1 - Bergen
  6. Radio 1 - Trondheim
  7. Radio 1 - Stavanger



  1. Radio Moliceiro



  1. Radiodiffusion Television Sénégal
  2. WALF


South Africa

  1. 5FM Music Radio



  1. Cadena COPE
  3. CNNE
  6. REE



  1. Vinyl 107
  2. Power Hit Radio 106,3
  3. Wow 105,5
  4. Rix 101,9



  1. Radio Fribourg



  1. HiMedia
  2. Philharmonic Radio Taipei
  3. Public Radio System
  4. Taiwan Radio


    International Stations, cont...


  5. Love 94.5 FM
  6. Love 103.5 FM
  7. Love 104.5 FM
  8. ThaiCast



  1. radyo5
  2. show radyo


United Kingdom

  1. BBC
  2. Classic Gold (AM)
  3. ClassicFM
  4. JazzFM
  5. Mercury FM
  6. Premier Christian Radio
  7. Release Radio
  8. Virgin Radio
  9. World Radio Network