From: (Carl Samos)
Subject: NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0
Date: 1995/10/12
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organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
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The NCSA Mosaic for Windows team is proud to announce the release of
NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0.  This latest version of NCSA Mosaic for
Windows is a stable, feature packed, final release.  We've fixed many
bugs from previous versions as well as added a few exciting new 

    - A new tool that allows Mosaic users to collaborate with each other.
      It contains a multi-party chat environment, as well as the ability
      to share files (images, sounds, Word documents, etc) in the
      collaborative session by simply dragging and dropping them. Also,
      users in the collaborative session can connect their Mosaics and
      surf together.
    - AutoSurf, a new tool that allows Mosaic to automatically fetch
      web pages and download them to Mosaic's disk cache for better
      surfing.  Great for modem connections!
    - A new Advanced Hotlist Manager that has true hotlist management
      features including drag and drop, alphabetization, a "What's New"
      function that automatically determines if entries in the hotlist
      have changed since the last time they were visited, a search
      mechanism that finds entries in the hotlist file, and hooks to the

NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0 is available for Windows 3.1x, but runs best
in Windows 95 and Windows NT.  

Download NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0 from:



-Carl Samos
 Development Lead - NCSA Mosaic for Windows

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Version 2.0.0 (Win3.1x & Win95)
Released October 11, 1995

Features and Enhancements

  • Collaborative Sessions
  • Advanced Hotlist Manager
  • AutoSurf
  • Network Timeout defined as a preference
  • Printing Preferences Sheet
  • Document Preferences Sheet
  • News Preferences Sheet
  • Directories Preferences Sheet
  • Window Preferences Sheet
  • Inline FTP messages
  • Optional Day, Date & Time information displayed in status bar
  • Help menu changes with a convenient link to a Online Resources file.
  • Additional News Toolbar functionality
  • New Command Line Options
  • Stop Button in Toolbar
  • Asynchronous non-blocking socket calls
  • New Right Mouse Button Features
  • Internal support for .wav audio files
  • New HTML support
  • New Hot Key Mappings
  • Multiple Cache directories
  • Referrer field sent to HTTPd

Squashed Bugs

  • Numerous Forms Bugs
  • Internal .au support removed. Use a viewer like wplany.
  • Background color in 256 color mode looks much better.
  • Several Find related bugs.
  • Network related abort bugs addressed.
  • Socket problems are gone!
  • Printing greatly improved.
  • Printing Transparent Images works
  • FTP bugs fixed.

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