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From: harpo!ber
Date: Mon Jun 28 04:15:54 1982
Subject: release 1.0 of notesfiles available - (nf)
Posted: Fri Jun 25 07:34:43 1982
Received: Mon Jun 28 04:15:54 1982

harpo!ber    Jun 25 07:30:00 1982

I just got my "official" release 1.0 of 'notesfiles', PLATO-like notes
on UNIX.  It interfaces to netnews and is crt oriented.  I also have permission
to redistribute it.  It ain't perfect, but what is?  When it gets some heavier
use (currently only 4 USENET sites are running it) I think the minor
netnews interface problems will be quickly solved.

	For your very own copy, send mail to:

		...!harpo!uiucdcs!essick (Ray Essick)
		...!harpo!ber		 (Raymond Ber)

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Newsgroups: net.notes
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From: brl-bmd!dpk
Date: Sat Jul 31 02:32:14 1982
Subject: Notesfiles Live at BRL-BMD - (nf)
Posted: Fri Jul 30 04:30:27 1982
Received: Sat Jul 31 02:32:14 1982

brl-bmd!dpk    Jul 30 04:29:00 1982

	I hereby announce the installation of Notesfiles
at Brl-Bmd.  Notesfiles are wonderful.  (so whats new...)
I thought I would let you know how our installation has
gone so far, and announce our "fixes" to certain problems.

	1.	Didn't know what "SUPERMAILER" was  (moot point, see later)
	2.	Only system definitions for V6, and UNIX4.0 and
		a statement "otherwise assumes 4.1BSD".  What
		about V7 and 3.0?  And we run a union of V6/V7.
		4.1 seemed to work
	3.	Source code written on 132 column terminal??
	4.	Mailit.c:  We are running the MMDF mail system
		and we have an intelligent mail sender (Send).
		I was able to throw out lots of code from mailit().
		It now calles send with the Subject line, and the
		name of a file to include if necessary.
	5.	makefile: the last couple of line which dealt with
		OBJECTS and HELPFILES caused my PDP11 "make" to
		run out of memory (Ray is on a VAX and didn't notice)
	6.	Rewrote "syncnews" as a Bourne shell script
	7.	The documentation did not print properly, pagination
		was all wrong.  No solution yet.
	8.	I fake ioctl TIOCGETP/TIOCSETP, but not TIOC[SG]ETN,
		my problem, just changed to SETP/GETP.
	9.	cursor.c:  Big problem here.  We are using the 2.8BSD
		termlib.a and it needs to have the "up" and "bc" for
		some terminals.  It uses these if the characters generated
		by a cursor control sequence would possibly be interpreted
		by the tty driver (NL, TAB, NULL, EOT).  I also rewrote
		the handling to allocation of space in here.
	10.	do "*[]?" work in the .nfseq files pointed at by the
		NFSEQ environment variable?
	11.	There should be a general notesfiles aliasing facility
		so that something like "long-notesfiles-name" can be
		aliased to "shortname".  I have talked to ray about
		this, and if he doesn't get to it, I will.
	12.	Having the erase/kill type characters hardcoded in
		is a pain.  We use the DEC standard set here (RUB, ^U)
		and do not allow the users to change it.
	13.	When you use E to change a note, it forces you to
		type in the title again, Why?
	14.	When using the built in pager to look at long
		notes, the percentage number in the corner bear
		no relation to reality.

	We are running Bnews2.7 and probably won't change to 2.9 for
a bit, just not enough time, but we are interested in work on interfacing
Notesfiles and Bnews.  There are still some reasons for keeping the
news system around.  Net.sources has the potential to have files larger
than 65535 characters and I not sure how to handle control messages.
What happens to news articles for which there is no notesfile.

	I will be glad to send anyone the changes I have made if
they are interested, or to the group if there is suitable interest.
Even with the problems I am still amazed at how easily it went in.

				Thank you Ray Essick!

				Doug Kingston
				Ballistic Research Laboratory
				UUCP: decvax!brl-bmd!dpk
				ARPA: dpk@brl

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Newsgroups: net.notes
Path: utzoo!decvax!pur-ee!uiucdcs!essick
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From: uiucdcs!essick
Date: Sat Jul 31 08:24:40 1982
Subject: Re: Notesfiles Live at BRL-BMD - (nf)
Posted: Fri Jul 30 22:26:44 1982
Received: Sat Jul 31 08:24:40 1982

uiucdcs!essick    Jul 30 22:13:00 1982

	Doug Kingston and I spent an hour on the phone yesterday and
solved most of his problems, and some of my mistakes. Some further info
on various points in his letter:

5: (makefile)  I think that this is repaired. The copy he had has about
	60 files on the left side of a dependency rule. I have since
	decided that what I had was wrong anyway, and have modifed it.
10: ( []?* in .nfseq files)  Yes, they work.  I believe that you
	can use a shell meta-character from just about anywhere that
	you would want to. The place that I know you can't is when
	nesting notesfiles (it doesn't really make sense to do so
12: (hardwired erase/kill) pointed out by many people. Several people
	have sent me the modifications for using the user's settings,
	and I'll post the updated code later this weekend.
13: (why a new title on E command) The E command is implemented simply
	by (1) saving the text, (2) delete the old note, and (3)
	call the note writing routine and have it include the text that
	was in the old note. Passing the old title around just didn't fit
	in easily.

Ray Essick, University of Illinois

Message-ID: <bnews.cornell.3265>
Path: utzoo!decvax!harpo!floyd!vax135!cornell!pavel
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From: cornell!pavel
Date: Wed Jun 30 06:00:30 1982
Subject: Re: Notesfile - (nf)
Posted: Tue Jun 29 21:34:02 1982
Received: Wed Jun 30 06:00:30 1982

cornell!pavel    Jun 29 20:47:00 1982

Concerning the recent praise of the notesfiles system:
	1) Yes, putting it up is fairly simple, but I would have
	   appreciated an overview of the workings of the beast so
	   that I could make more knowledgable decisions on certain
	   of the local customisations.
	2) It appears that the nice feature of grouping responses under
	   the original doesn't work with news which is gotten from
	   the USENET.  I know that there's a References: field in the
	   version B news articles, so this shouldn't be too hard.
	   Is it the case that this really doesn't work, or have I
	   done something wrong?
	3) I think this is a really well done system which would work
	   better if everyone was using it.  There are obvious 
	   compromises that have been made in order to accommodate
	4) The screen-oriented approach is clearly superior to the
	   odious 'msgs' interface of readnews.
	5) I think that this is worth your while to try out.  And if you
	   find out that a neighbor of yours is using it, I heartily
	   recommend that the two of you use the notesfiles method for
	   communicating and not to go through news unnecessarily.

	Pavel Curtis
	Cornell University

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