Message-ID: < anews.Aucbarpa.920>
Path: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:mark
X-Path: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:mark
From: ARPAVAX:mark
Date: Sun Feb 28 15:29:41 1982
Subject: 2.0 release of B news

The time has come - I am now posting the long awaited release of the B news
software.  The distribution itself is being posted, one article per file,
to newsgroup net.sources.  It is about 45 minutes worth at 1200 baud.
In a bit I will post an article in containing a shell script
which will be useful for unpacking the distribution.

If you consider yourself an adventurous site, you should install the
distribution at once.  Post any serious problems you find to,
preferably along with fixes.  All fixes will be made on the master copy,
and everyone should update their copy also, since I don't intend to post
the whole thing again for a LONG time.

The distribution will exist in tar image form on several sites in
the file /usr/spool/uucp/uucppublic/newsdist.tar
The tentative list of sites is chico, decvax, ucbvax, and src-unix.

Barring any serious problems, other sites should begin installing it when
it is clear that there are no more serious problems.  (I'm not expecting
any - after all, it has been tested on several sites, but a wider audience
always generates additional bug reports.)  I recommend that non-adventurous
sites install it on or shortly after Wed, March 10, since I'll be out of
town from the 4th to the 9th.

Remember, if you are running a B news now, you have a prerelease, and you
received that prerelease on the condition that you would throw it away and
run the released version when it came out.  If you are running A news, I
also recommend that you convert to B.  If you don't convert, the sudden
rash of control messages will make for more work on your part.

All of this distribution is expressly in the public domain.

Here is the list of files making up the B news 2.0 distribution:



checknews.1 	inews.1 	postnews.1 	sendnews.8 
expire.8 	news.5 		readnews.1 	uurec.8 
getdate.3 	newsrc.5 	recnews.1 

Mail.diff 	adm 		dirform 	uucp.diff 

Makefile.usg 	funcs.c 	inews.c 	process.c 	rparams.h 
Makefile.v7 	getdate.y 	iparams.h 	readnews.c 	sendnews.c 
checknews.c 	header.c 	readr.c 	uname.c 
control.c 	header.h 	recnews.c 	uurec.c 
defs.h 		help 		params.h 	rextern.c 
expire.c 	iextern.c 	postnews.usg 	rfuncs.c 
ftime.c 	ifuncs.c 	postnews.v7 	rmgrp 

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