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Newsgroups: net.sources
Path: utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!npois!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:usenet
X-Path: utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!npois!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:usenet
From: ARPAVAX:usenet
Date: Tue Apr 20 19:50:48 1982
Subject: misc/newsinfo

>From cbosg!harpo!npois!eiss!ladm Fri Mar 19 16:20:27 1982
Newsgroups: net.sources

echo cmd-sum
cat >cmd-sum <<E!O!F!
The following commands are part of netnews:

checknews - to see if there is new news
readnews  - to actually read the news
postnews  - simple interface to submit a news article
inews     - the real news submission command
newsinfo  - tells up-to-date information about USENET

Typical usage:
checknews -y  (this is in /etc/profile)

readnews  ( to read all news )
readnews -n newsgroup  (selectively select a newsgroup to read)
readnews -l    (list titles only)

You probably want to specify options in your $HOME/.newsrc file.
Several .newsrc files follow:

options -h -n all !net.all !fa.all  (subscribe to LOCAL and btl newsgroups).
		(The -h provides short headers)

options -n all !fa.all !net.rec.all !net.jokes.all

echo contacts
cat >contacts <<E!O!F!
Machine Contacts:
	insert your own info here


other interesting but more remote machines:
	mhtsa	:
	eagle	: jal	(Jeff Langer)
	alice	:

Major centers:
ihnss, houxi, harpo, mhuxj, mhtsa  (BTL)
ucbvax, decvax, duke

echo current_info
cat >current_info <<E!O!F!
	USENET System Information

Introduction.  USENET is an international network of UNIX sites,
with hookups into the ARPA network, too.  It is basically a fancy
electronic Bulletin Board system.  Numerous BTL machines are connected
at HO, IH, MH, with a few elsewhere, too.
In addition, there are major sites at universities:
	UC Berkeley, Duke, U Waterloo, and so on ...
and at industry nationwide:
	DEC, Tektronics, Microsoft, Intel, etc.

There are numerous bulletin board categories, set up in a hierarchy.
The first "node" in a category name indicates the breadth of distribution,
later nodes indicate content.  Read the newsgroup items for full lists.

Newsgroup naming conventions:

  NO prefix= LOCAL ONLY
  btl.    = Bell Labs
  net.    = USENET wide categories
  fa.     = from ARPA-Net (no return feed, except via mail)
  ____.all= everything in category "____".

The netnews newsgroups of most interest are:

general		: local general information

btl.all 	: BTL Everything.

net.general	: general net-wide announcements
net.bugs.v7	: reports of bugs and/or solutions to UNIX V7	: news about our version of netnews

echo fa.groups
cat >fa.groups <<E!O!F!
FA groups are "From the Arpanet" and are mostly copies of mailing lists
or "digests" distributed on that network. (A digest is a collection of mail
put together by an editor and sent out every so often. It is much like a
A special convention applies to submissions to FA newsgroups.
You should not post directly to the newsgroup, since this will be
seen by people on USENET but not by the people on the arpanet who get the list
directly mailed to them. Instead, send mail to the name of the group on site
For example, to post an article to fa.human-nets, you might mail to
...!ucbvax!human-nets (where ... is the path from HERE to ucbvax).
FA groups and their corresponding mailing lists can reach a very large
user community, including USENET sites on UUCP, Berknet, BLN, and the
ARPANET, as well as sites on the ARPANET which are not on USENET,
who get the news via direct electronic mailing.

Some digests are turned off locally; others are fed into "net" groups;
still others are available in printed form only.  These conditions are
noted below.

 NEWSGROUP     | Description		last update 3/19/82
fa.arms-d      | Discussion and info on strategic weapons. | Announcements that are posted to all arpanet bboards
               | are also fed into this newsgroup.
fa.digest-p    | People who deal with digests. Mostly the people who
               | moderate them.
fa.editor-p    | Interest group in computer editors, both text and program.      | Topics relating to alternate energy production,
               | conservation, etc.
fa.human-nets  | A daily moderated digest with discussions of computer-aided
               | human-to-human communications. Probably the most widely read
               | ARPANET publication.   AVAILABLE PRINTED ONLY.    | CP/M and other operating systems for micro computers.  | Microprocessor and microcomputer discussions.  | Opinions/queries about what's a good/bad computer terminal.    | VAX interest group. Seems to be mostly VMS issues, but some
               | hardware discussions too.
fa.poli-sci    | Political Science discussions digest.  TURNED OFF.
fa.sf-lovers   | Science Fiction book/movie reviews, etc. PRINTED ONLY.       | Digest containing comments on the space program and outer
               | space in general.  This is fed to, ALSO PRINTED.
fa.tcp-ip      | Digest relating to the TCP and IP network protocols.
	       | TURNED OFF.
fa.telecom     | Technical topics relating to telecommunications, especially
               | the telephone system. A digest recently spun off from
               | fa.human-nets.  PRINTED ONLY.
fa.teletext    | Teletext discusses all aspects of ``esoteric'' data systems.
               | This includes teletext, viewdata, closed-captioning, and
               | digicasting.
fa.unix-cpm    | CPM/UNIX discussions.       | Interest group on personal workstations (e.g. Apollo, Perq,
               | Xerox Star, etc).

echo help
cat >help <<E!O!F!

Command		Meaning

y		Yes.  Prints current article and goes on to next.
n		No.  Goes on to next article without printing current one.
q		Quit.  Update .newsrc if -l or -x not used.
c		Cancel article.
r		Reply.  Reply to article's author via mail.
f [title]	Submit a follow up article.
N [newsgroup]	Go to next newsgroup or named newsgroup.
s [file]	Save.  Article is appended to file (default, Articles).
#		Report last article no. in newsgroup.
e		Erase.  Forget that an article was read.
h		Print verbose header.
!		Shell escape.
number		Go to number.
+[n]		Skip n articles.
-		Go back to last article.
x		Exit.  Don't update .newsrc.
X system	Send article to system.

c, f, r, e, h, and s can be followed by -'s to refer to the previous article


cat > <<E!O!F!
if test "$#" != 2
	echo "usage: $0 libdir bindir"
	exit 1

: create directory for newsinfo command
if test ! -d $LIBDIR/INFO
	chmod 775 $LIBDIR/INFO

: load INFO directory
cp cmd-sum contacts current_info help netmap *.groups $LIBDIR/INFO
chmod 664 $LIBDIR/INFO/*

: move the newsinfo command to bin
sed "s;/usr/local/netnews;$LIBDIR;g" <newsinfo >$BINDIR/newsinfo
chmod 755 $BINDIR/newsinfo

echo local.groups
cat >local.groups<<E!O!F!
Local newsgroups are those that do not begin with "net.", "btl.", or
"fa.".  They are not distributed to any other system.

 NEWSGROUP	| Description		last update: 3/19/82
general		| Local news of general interest.  E.g., to announce a
		| newsgroup, or a party, or a new command, etc.
followup	| follow-up articles to those originally posted in general

echo net.groups
cat >net.groups <<E!O!F!
Net.all newsgroups are available to all people on the entire network
who read netnews. This does not mean they go to every machine, since some
machines restrict the volume of news that comes in. It is assumed that users
of such restricted machines can read news on another machine on which they
have a login. Newsgroups reach all of USENET (including USENET sites on the
ARPANET) but do not reach any sites that are not on USENET. That is, USENET
is defined as all sites that net.all reaches.

  NEWSGROUP     | Description		last update: 3/19/82
 net.general    | General information.
 net.followup   | follow-up articles to those posted in net.general
 net.applic     | Info - applicative language and related architecture.       | General Information for automobile owners.    | Subgroup - for owners of Volkswagon Rabbits.
 net.aviation   | General information about aviation.
 net.bugs       | Genreral information about bug reports and fixes.
 net.bugs.2bsd  | Subgroup net.bugs - 2nd Berkley Software distribution
 net.bugs.4bsd  | Subgroup net.bugs - 4th Berkley software distribution
 net.bugs.v7    | Subgroup net.bugs - Version 7 or UNIX System III
 net.columbia   | General information on space shuttle and space programs
 net.cooks      | Interest group - food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.
 net.cse        | Computer Science Education
 net.cycle      | General information about motorcycles.
 net.dcom       | data communication - modems,multiplexers,port selectors etc.
 net.eunice     | Info on sites using SRI Eunice - simulates UNIX on VMS      | Information and discussion on computer games.  | ( Subgroup - rogue  | Fantasy Role Playing games | ( Trivia contests and results.
 net.ham-radio  | Topics of interest to amateur radio operators.
 net.jokes      | The latest "good" joke you've heard?
 net.lan        | Local area network interest group.
 net.lsi        | Large Scale Integrated Circuit discussions.
 net.math       | mathematical discussions (eg. what is lim x->0 log(x)-log(x))
 net.micro      | micro-computers, see also
 net.misc       | Discussions not permanent enough for a newsgroup.
 net.movies     | Movie reviews by members of USENET.      | Computer generated music.       | Discussion of netnews itself, and its policies     | Subgroup - specific to bnews. | ( all or part of the USENET directory | for discussions about proposed new newsgroups.   | for discussions about maps of newsites. | ( to announce a new site.
 net.oa         | Office Automation/Word Processing interest group.
 net.periphs    | Queries and discussions about particular peripherals.
 net.rec        | Gereral info on recreational (participation) sports.
 net.rec.boat   | boating (sail and motor???)
 net.rec.bridge | contract bridge.
 net.rec.scuba  | scuba diving.    | skiing.
 net.rec.skydiv | (net.rec.skydive) sky diving
 net.records    | Info and opinions about records (and tapes ?).
 net.rumor      | For posting of rumors.
 net.sf-lovers  | Science Fiction Lovers - undigested from fa.sf-lovers
 net.sources    | For large volume material, source program distribution      | Space programs and research - undigested from      | General info about spectator sports. | ( Subgroup of - for baseball. | ( Subgroup of - for football. | ( Subgroup of - for hockey.
 net.taxes      | Tax advice and queries.
 net.test       | Test messages are posted here.     | Requests, suggestions, and opinions about traveling
 net.ucds       | Circuit drawing system.
 net.unix-wiza  | (net.unix-wizards) Discussion of UNIX - gatewayed to ARPANET
 net.wines      | Info and reccomendations about wines and alcoholic beverages

echo netmap
cat >netmap <<E!O!F!
Wait for a new map!

echo newsinfo
cat >newsinfo <<E!O!F!
trap 'continue' 2
cd $INFO
while true
	if expr "$TERM" : hp >/dev/null
		echo "\033U\033J\c" # next page and clear
	echo "\nChoose from the following:
 i)	brief Introduction
 g [list]) nearly complete list of news Groups. list=local, btl, net, or fa
 c)	network Contacts (machines and people)
 s)	command Summary
 h)	the Help list from readnews
 m) 	a graphic Map of the network
 *)	anything else, exit.
	read sel grp
	case "$sel" in
	i) cat current_info;;
	g) cat ${grp:-*}.groups;;
	c) cat contacts;;
	s) cat cmd-sum;;
	h) cat help;;
	m) cat netmap;;
	*) echo "These files can be found in $INFO." ; exit ;;
	echo "\n\nhit return." ; read sel

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