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Subject: new top level distributions
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Date: Fri, 27-Jun-86 16:27:25 EDT
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Posted: Fri Jun 27 16:27:25 1986
Date-Received: Sun, 29-Jun-86 05:28:26 EDT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Columbus, Oh
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As part of the upcoming Usenet reorganization, the top level newsgroup
class "net" is being split into seven smaller classes: comp, news, sci,
rec, misc, soc, and talk.  This split will help system administrators
more easily determine which newsgroups their machines will receive,
and should shorten the newsgroup lists in the sys files.  In addition,
the "net" for distribution is being replaced by "world".

In order for this to work, we need you, the netnews administrators, to
make some changes to your sys files.  These changes must be made by
July 15, or you may miss some groups as they get renamed.  Please make
these changes now, they are fairly easy to make.  If all goes well, you
shouldn't have do make any more changes until the old groups are
rmgrouped this fall.  (If you're just seeing this for the first time
after July 15, make the changes right away and you probably won't miss

There are two steps in editing the sys file.  This file can usually
be found in /usr/lib/news/sys, although you may have installed it in
a different place locally.

The first step is to find any obsolete keywords in the sys file.
Remove any references to "fa" or "fa.all" or "fa."anything.  There
haven't been any fa groups for some time.  Now look for ".all".
Whenever you find a name like "net.all" or "mod.all", get rid of
the ".all" part, it isn't buying you anything, and it can mess
up your "Distribution" feature.  In vi, for example, you can search
for \.all and do a 4x when you find it.

The second step is to find all the standalone occurrances of "net"
in the file, and change them to read
You can use a "3snet,world,comp,news,sci,rec,misc,soc,talkESC" command
to do this easily.

If you have explicit groups listed that you do NOT carry, e.g.
then you shouldn't worry at this time; once the renaming is complete,
you can add or change any new groups you don't want to pass:

If you have explicit groups listed that you DO carry, you have a choice
of either carrying all the initial groups (and then trimming down the
list later as you see fit) or watching for the list of
group renamings, and carrying the new and old groups explicitly.
For example, if you first carry
you can initially change this to
or to
Although the latter requires knowing the final list of groups.
(As of this writing, the list is still being worked on.)  Another
alternative is, if you know that the groups you want all fall into
a subset of the 8 top level groups, you can select that subset:

NOTE: You should ALWAYS pass "world" on to everybody.  If you are in
North America, you should always pass "na" to everybody.  Likewise
for "usa" and more local distributions.  These are "distributions",
which are becoming totally separate from "newsgroups".  The software
is set up to pass an article only if the sys file says it should pass
BOTH the newsgroup AND the distribution.  So a typical sys file entry
should list all the distributions you pass, AND all the newsgroups you pass.
is a typical "we pass everything" entry for Columbus, Ohio.  ("net" is
included for upward compatibility; we hope to have all use of "net"
eliminated by October 1986.")


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Newsgroups: net.announce
Subject: Usenet reorganization
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Date: Sun, 20-Jul-86 18:03:47 EDT
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Posted: Sun Jul 20 18:03:47 1986
Date-Received: Tue, 22-Jul-86 01:38:56 EDT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Columbus, Oh
Lines: 23
Approved: m...@cbosgd.ATT.COM

Usenet will be reorganizing from two top level names (net and mod)
into seven (comp, sci, news, misc, rec, soc, talk) over the next
several months.  All system administrators were supposed to make
a change to their sys file to handle this by July 15.  So far, a
test sendsys message with distribution "comp" has generated 265
responses in 4 days.  This is good, although there are probably
still significant pockets of the net that aren't getting comp
and the other six new distributions.

This message was posted to newsgroup net.announce with no special
distribution.  This means everyone who gets net.announce should
get this message.

Another message was posted a day ago to mod.announce with distribution
"comp".  Yet another message was posted to mod.announce with no special
distribution.  If you are getting only this message and nothing in
mod.announce, something is wrong.  It is expected that this will be
the last message posted to net.announce, which has been renamed

See you all in mod.announce!

	Mark Horton

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