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From: bbane...@sjuvax.UUCP (B. Banerjee)
Subject: Any progress on version 2.11 ?
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Date: Thu, 12-Apr-84 21:51:41 EST
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Posted: Thu Apr 12 21:51:41 1984
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	Is there any progress on B news 2.11 ?
I understand that some beta test versions are running.
If its possible, I would appreciate a copy of one of these.
I could set up a direct UUCP link with whichever of the Beta
sites that may be willing to part with this.

If this isn't possible, could someone indicate about when we
can expect general release, and whether vnews has also been
updated to work with it.

Sorry for the posting, but I have no idea as to who is actually
working on this.


				Binayak Banerjee
		{allegra | astrovax | bpa | burdvax}!sjuvax!bbanerje

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From: k...@hou3c.UUCP (Kenneth Almquist)
Subject: Re: Any progress on version 2.11 ?
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Date: Wed, 18-Apr-84 23:24:24 EST
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Posted: Wed Apr 18 23:24:24 1984
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No one has accepted the position of coordinator for the 2.11
release, which means that there is no one to give you a definite
answer about release dates, etc.

I can answer the question about vnews.  Vnews should be distri-
buted as part of the 2.11 release.  Furthermore, the 2.11 release
will not change the format of the netnews spool directory so that
news reading programs designed to work with 2.10 will probably
work without change under 2.11.

The release date depends significantly on what is to be included.
There are some significant enhancements that are partially or
totally unimplemented:
- Unsubscribe to discussion.
- Quick switching between newsgroups.
- Summary lines (which function as an adjunct to the subject line).
- Improved postnews/followup program written in C.
- Ability to run on a PDP-11.
					Kenneth Almquist

"Three weeks 'til finals and I'm thinking about netnews?"

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