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From: simm...@applga.uucp (Steve Simmons)
Subject: Cnews vs. News 3.0
Keywords: revolution vs. evolution?
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Date: 24 Jun 88 15:39:05 GMT
Organization: Schlumberger CAD/CAM, Ann Arbor, MI
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Pardon my ignorance, but are these completely separate efforts?  If so,
does anyone know if they are compatible with each other?
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From: e...@snark.UUCP (Eric S. Raymond)
Subject: Re: Cnews vs. News 3.0
Summary: B3.0 and C are separate efforts
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Date: 30 Jun 88 10:57:48 GMT
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In article <7...@applga.uucp>, simm...@applga.uucp (Steve Simmons) writes:
>Pardon my ignorance, but are these completely separate efforts?  If so,
>does anyone know if they are compatible with each other?

Yes, 3.0 and C news are completely separate efforts, but they are compatible
in the sense that they should interoperate nicely. From my (just possibly
biased ;-) point of view as the 3.0 person, the differences between the
three major versions can be summed up as:

	B2.x -- what the world uses now. It works, but it's slow, poorly
		organized, and haphazardly coded (too many cooks...).

	C news -- lean, mean and speedy. No readers provided. Brilliant,
		idiosyncratic coding. Well tested, but some rough edges

	B 3.0 -- news deluxe. Everything documented, everything modularized.
		All-new readers as well as transport layer, beginnings of
		hypertext facilities. Not yet well tested, public beta in
		progress now. Not quite as whizzingly fast as C news but
		much easier to install, administer and modify.

I'll send you the 3.0 brag-sheet by email (it's already been posted once).

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