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X-Path: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ihnss!cbosg!cbosgd!mark
From: cbosgd!mark
Date: Thu Jan  7 11:23:46 1982
Subject: first draft of network map

This message contains a first attempt at a network map.  It probably has
lots of errors, and I would appreciate all corrections.  The map is in
the form:
	site (tab) list of sites news is exchanged with
The map presents only 2 way links, although there are some one way links
really out there, I got the impression that most of these were mistakes.
The map also only includes sites that get net.all, there are many other
sites that only get a few newsgroups and so aren't really on the net.
Likewise, it does not include mail drops.  The map is intended to represent
the state of USENET on Feb 1, 1982, so if any of you find inconsistencies
with what you intend to have on that date, please let me know.  (Yes, I am
looking at a piece of paper that draws the map, but it won't translate
well pictorially to ASCII.)
Slinac	utzoo
adiron	duke
alice	mhtsa mitccc
allegra	mhtsa psuvax
azure	tekmdp
bio	reed
brl-bmd	duke
cbosg	ihnss harpo cbosgd
cbosgd	cbosg
cca	ucb csin ima
ccnga	watmath
cg-d	decvax
chico	harpo zeppo esquire duke
cires	hao
cornell	vax135
csin	cca
cwruecmp	decvax cwrunix
cwrunix	cwruecmp
dcdwestvax	sdcsvax
decvax	microsoft cwruecmp duke pur-ee wivax sultan ittvax genradbolton yale-comix utzoo watmath cg-d ucbvax
druxj	ihnss
duke	chico decvax duke34 dukgeri phs unc mcnc tucc adiron brl-bmd reed ucf-cs uok
duke34	duke
dukgeri	duke
eagle	rdb ihnss mhtsa mhuxj
eiss	npois
esquire	chico
floyd	harpo
genradbolton	decvax
gi	sytek psi
hao	menlo70 cires
harpo	utah-cs presby cbosg floyd zeppo chico whuxlb mhtsa rdb npois vax135
hocsb	houxi hocsd hocse hocsf hocsg
hocsd	hocsb
hocse	hocsb
hocsf	hocsb
hocsg	hocsb
houxa	houxb houxy
houxb	houxa houxc
houxc	houxb houxe
houxe	houxc houxf
houxf	houxe houxg
houxg	houxf houxh
houxh	houxg houxi
houxi	houxh houxj ihnss npois hocsb
houxj	houxi houxm
houxm	houxj houxn
houxn	houxm houxo
houxo	houxn houxp
houxp	houxo houxr
houxr	houxp houxs
houxs	houxr houxt
houxt	houxs houxv
houxv	houxt houxy
houxy	houxv houxa
hpuxa	mhtsa
ih1ap	ihnss
ihima	ihnss
ihlc8	ihnss
ihldt	ihnss
ihlpb	ihnss
ihnss	ihuxf ihuxg ihuxh ihuxi ihuxj ihuxk ihuxl ihuxm ihuxn ihuxo ihuxp ihuxs ihlpb ihldt ihlc8 ihima ih1ap ihps3 cbosg druxj eagle mhtsa vax135 houxi ucbvax
ihps3	ihnss
ihuxf	ihnss
ihuxg	ihnss
ihuxh	ihnss
ihuxi	ihnss
ihuxj	ihnss
ihuxk	ihnss
ihuxl	ihnss
ihuxm	ihnss
ihuxn	ihnss
ihuxo	ihnss
ihuxp	ihnss
ihuxs	ihnss
ima	cca
intelqa	sytek
ittvax	decvax sii
mcnc	duke unc
menlo70	ucsfcgl hao sytek nsc
mhtsa	research alice allegra eagle ihnss harpo hpuxa
mhuxa	mhuxj
mhuxh	mhuxj
mhuxj	eagle mhuxa mhuxh mhuxm mhuxv
mhuxm	mhuxj
mhuxv	mhuxj
microsoft	decvax
mitccc	alice mitmath
mitmath	mitccc
npois	harpo eiss u1100s houxi
nsc	menlo70
phonlab	sdcattb
phs	duke
presby	harpo
psi	gi
psuvax	allegra
pucc	purdue
pur-ee	decvax purdue uiucdcs
pur-phy	purdue
purdue	pur-ee pucc pur-phy
rdb	harpo eagle
reed	duke bio
research	mhtsa
scl	utah-cs
sdaaron	sdcsvax
sdcarl	ucsfcgl sdcattb
sdcatta	sdcattb
sdcattb	sdcarl phonlab sdcatta sdcsvax
sdcsvax	sdcattb sdcsvax sdqmlab sdaaron dcdwestvax
sdqmlab	sdcsvax
sii	ittvax
src-unix	ucb
sri-unix	ucb
sultan	decvax
sytek	menlo70 gi intelqa zehntel
teklabs	tekmdp ucbopt
tekmdp	azure teklabs
tucc	duke unc
u1100s	npois
ucb	ucbarpa uwvax src-unix cca sri-unix
ucbarpa	ucbopt ucbonyx ucbcad ucbcory ucbpop ucbvax ucb
ucbcad	ucbarpa
ucbcory	ucbarpa
ucbonyx	ucbarpa
ucbopt	ucbarpa teklabs
ucbpop	ucbarpa
ucbvax	ucbarpa decvax ihnss ucsfcgl
ucf-cs	duke
ucsfcgl	ucbvax sdcarl menlo70
uiucdcs	pur-ee
unc	duke mcnc tucc
uok	duke
utah-cs	harpo utah-gr scl
utah-gr	utah-cs
utzoo	decvax Slinac
uwvax	ucb
vax135	ihnss harpo cornell
watarts	watmath
watcgl	watmath
watmath	decvax watarts watcgl ccnga
whuxlb	harpo
wivax	decvax
yale-comix	decvax
zehntel	sytek
zeppo	harpo chico

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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