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Path: utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!cbosgd!mark
X-Path: utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!npois!cbosgd!mark
From: cbosgd!mark
Date: Fri Jul 30 06:23:57 1982
Subject: new USENET map
Posted: Thu Jul 29 22:13:35 1982
Received: Fri Jul 30 06:23:57 1982

We have compiled a current pair list of USENET sites, which is enclosed
in the body of this letter.  The list is thought to be accurate, but
there are probably still a few errors, so we are posting it and asking
each site to send any corrections that apply to them.

Remember, USENET is defined as all sites getting net.all.  If you are
reading this, the machine you are reading it on should probably be
on the map.  But sites that only speak uucp for mail (not news) or
that only get local groups or a select set of groups from net.all
are not on the map.  (When I ask for map information, people invariably
tell me all their uucp connections.  This is useful to someone [most
like Steve Bellovin, who has undertaken the Herculean task of maintaining
a UUCP map] but not to me.  People invariably scribble sites that do
not get news on my USENET maps.  Sigh.

Some questions we were not sure of:
	what happened to hoasp, ih1ap, ihima, ihlc8 (now iwlc8?),
	mhexa, mit-vax, and pucc (now ecn-pa?)?

	is wjh12 still on the net?

	The map is probably wrong in certain areas, including UCSD,
	Duke, and Silicon Valley.  Sites in those areas are asked
	to check especially carefully for errors.

	What is the name of cussyou (csu-cs?) and dcdwest (dcdwestvax?)
	Where is dcdwestvax linked up - sdcsvax or ittvax?

	What is the status of ihnss?  Do ihnss (or now ihps3) and wheps
	exchange news?

	Is randvax still between ucsfcgl and sdcarl?

A revised map will be out once the dust settles from this one.

The format of this map is n lines (n=249 USENET sites currently), one
line for each site, in the form:
	<site> <tab> <nsite> <space> <nsite> <space> <nsite> ...
where <site> is the name of the site, and <nsite> is a site they
sent newsgroups net.all to.  (Links with only local newsgroups
going over them are not shown.)  In a few cases where the link
was not bidirectional, a simplification has been made.  All links
shown here are bidirectional.

It is safe to assume that all links shown here will also pass mail.
However, the type of link is not shown, and some arpanet sites will
not gateway.

Please mail corrections to cbosgd!mark.

	Mark and Karen Horton
	(not to be confused with Bill and Karen Shannon, who did that
	incredible machine-readable 80 column map last February.)

adiron	duke
alice	mitccc npois npoiv rabbit research
allegra	mhtsa psuvax princeton
azure	tekmdp
bio	reed
brl-bmd	duke seismo
bunker	ittvax
bwkna	mhuxh hlexa
cbosg	cbosgd
cbosgd	cbosg sescent nscs npois mhuxj
cca	csin ima decvax sri-unix
chico	zeppo
cires	hao
cmcl2	nybcb lanl-a esquire floyd philabs rocky2
cornell	vax135
csin	cca
cubs45	esquire
cussyou	hplabs
cwruecmp	cwrunix
cwrunix	cwruecmp decvax
dadla-a	dadla-b
dadla-b	tekmdp dadla-a
dcdwest	ittvax
decvax	microsoft cwrunix duke pur-ee wivax sultan ittvax genradbolton yale-comix utzoo watmath cca ucbvax harpo mcvax
druxs	ixn5c
dsd	fortune
duke	decvax phs unc mcnc tucc adiron brl-bmd ucf-cs harpo
eagle	rdb wheps harpo mhtsa mhuxt
ecn-pa	purdue
eisx	pyuxbb
esquire	cubs45 cmcl2 harpo
floyd	cmcl2 harpo vax135 peri
fortune	dsd sri-unix
genradbolton	decvax
gi	sytek psi
gsp86	intelqa
hao	menlo70 cires
harpo	utah-cs presby floyd npoiv uwvax decvax duke esquire ihps3 eagle
hcr	utzoo
hlexa	bwkna
hocda	houxi
hocsb	houxi hocsd hocse hocsf hocsg
hocsd	hocsb
hocse	hocsb
hocsf	hocsb
hocsg	hocsb
hoh-2	vax135
hou5a	hou5d
hou5d	houxi hou5a
houca	houxi lime
hound	houxi
houti	houxi lime
houxa	houxi
houxb	houxi
houxc	houxi
houxd	houxi
houxe	houxi lime
houxf	houxi
houxg	houxi lime
houxh	houxi
houxi	ihps3 npois hocsb hocda u1100a houca houti hound houxa houxb houxc houxd houxe houxf houxg houxh houxj houxm houxn houxo houxp houxr houxs houxt houxv houxw houxy hou5d wbux1 whuxk
houxj	houxi
houxm	houxi
houxn	houxi
houxo	houxi
houxp	houxi
houxr	houxi
houxs	houxi
houxt	houxi
houxv	houxi
houxw	houxi
houxy	houxi
hp-pcd	hplabs ogcvax
hpda	hplabs
hplabs	cussyou sri-unix menlo70 hpda hp-pcd
hpuxa	mhtsa
ico	ima
idis	mcnc
ih4ep	ihps3
ihldt	ihps3 ll1
ihlpb	ixn5c
ihn5h	ihps3
ihn5k	ihps3
ihnss	ihps3
ihps1	ihps3
ihps2	ihps3
ihps3	houxi harpo inuxc stolaf ihnss ihuxa ihuxb ihuxc ihuxd ihuxe ihuxf ihuxg ihuxh ihuxi ihuxj ihuxk ihuxl ihuxm ihuxn ihuxo ihuxp ihuxq ihuxr ihuxs ihuxt ihuxu ihuxv ihuxw ihps1 ihps2 ihps4 ihn5h ihn5k ihtpa ihtpb ih4ep ihldt ixn5c iwsl1 iwsl2 iwsl3 iwsl4 iwsl5 iwsl6
ihps4	ihps3
ihtpa	ihps3
ihtpb	ihps3
ihuxa	ihps3
ihuxb	ihps3
ihuxc	ihps3
ihuxd	ihps3
ihuxe	ihps3
ihuxf	ihps3
ihuxg	ihps3
ihuxh	ihps3
ihuxi	ihps3
ihuxj	ihps3
ihuxk	ihps3
ihuxl	ihps3
ihuxm	ihps3
ihuxn	ihps3
ihuxo	ihps3
ihuxp	ihps3
ihuxq	ihps3
ihuxr	ihps3
ihuxs	ihps3
ihuxt	ihps3
ihuxu	ihps3
ihuxv	ihps3
ihuxw	ihps3
ikonas	mcnc
ima	cca ico
intelqa	megatest sytek gsp86
inuxb	inuxc
inuxc	nwuxc inuxb ihps3
isrnix	iuvax
ittapp	ittvax
ittvax	decvax sii qumix tpdcvax bunker dcdwest ittapp
iuvax	pur-ee isrnix
iwlc7	iwsl3
iwlc8	iwsl3
iwsl1	ihps3
iwsl2	ihps3
iwsl3	ihps3 iwlc7 iwlc8
iwsl4	ihps3
iwsl5	ihps3
iwsl6	ihps3
ixlpc	ixn5c
ixn5c	ihps3 ihlpb ixlpc druxs
lanl-a	cmcl2
lime	houca houti houxe houxg vax135 we13
ll1	ihldt sb1
mcnc	duke unc web40 wolfvax tucc idis ikonas
mcvax	decvax ukc
megatest	intelqa
menlo70	hplabs hao sytek nsc
metheus	ogcvax
mh3bs	mhtsa
mhb5c	mhuxa
mhtsa	allegra eagle hpuxa mh3bs wjh12
mhuxa	mhuxh mhuxt mhb5c
mhuxh	mhuxa mhuxm bwkna
mhuxj	cbosgd mhuxv
mhuxm	mhuxv mhuxh pyuxjj
mhuxt	eagle mhuxa
mhuxv	mhuxj mhuxm
microsoft	decvax
minn-ua	stolaf
mitccc	alice mitmath
mitmath	mitccc
npois	houxi ucbvax alice cbosgd npoiv
npoiv	pyuxbb npois harpo alice
nsc	menlo70
nscs	cbosgd rmas70
nwuxc	otuxa inuxc
nybca	nybcb
nybcb	nybca cmcl2
ogcvax	teklabs hp-pcd metheus
otuxa	we13 nwuxc we04-3b
peri	floyd
philabs	sdcsvax cmcl2
phonlab	sdcatta sdcsvax
phs	duke
populi	ucbarpa
presby	harpo uofp
princeton	allegra
psi	gi
psuvax	allegra
pur-ee	decvax purdue uiucdcs iuvax
pur-phy	purdue
purdue	pur-ee pur-phy ecn-pa
pyuxbb	eisx npoiv
pyuxjj	mhuxm
qumix	ittvax
rabbit	alice
randvax	sdcarl ucsfcgl
rdb	eagle
reed	teklabs bio
research	alice
rmas70	nscs
rocky2	cmcl2
sb1	ll1 sb6
sb6	sb1
sdaaron	sdcsvax
sdcarl	randvax sdcattb
sdcatta	phonlab sdcattb
sdcattb	sdcarl sdcatta
sdcsvax	sdqmlab sdaaron philabs phonlab
sdqmlab	sdcsvax
seismo	brl-bmd
sescent	cbosgd
sii	ittvax
slinac	utah-cs
sri-unix	fortune cca hplabs
stolaf	ihps3 minn-ua
sultan	decvax
sytek	menlo70 gi intelqa zehntel
tekcad	teklabs
tekchips	teklabs
tekcrd	teklabs
tekid	teklabs
teklabs	tekmdp ucbcad tekcad tekchips ogcvax tekid reed tekcrd zehntel
tekmdp	azure teklabs dadla-b
tpdcvax	ittvax
trigraph	utzoo
tucc	duke mcnc unc
u1100a	houxi
ucb	ucbarpa
ucbarpa	ucbopt ucbonyx ucbpdp ucbcad ucbcory populi ucbvax ucb
ucbcad	ucbarpa teklabs
ucbcory	ucbarpa
ucbonyx	ucbarpa
ucbopt	ucbarpa
ucbpdp	ucbarpa
ucbvax	ucbarpa decvax npois ucsfcgl
ucf-cs	duke
ucsfcgl	ucbvax randvax
uicsovax	uiucdcs
uiucdcs	pur-ee uicsovax
ukc	mcvax
unc	duke mcnc tucc
uofp	presby
utah-cs	harpo utah-gr slinac
utah-gr	utah-cs
utcsrgv	utzoo
utzoo	decvax trigraph utcsrgv hcr
uwvax	harpo
varian	zehntel
vax135	cornell floyd hoh-2 lime
watarts	watmath
watmath	decvax watarts
wbux1	houxi
we04-3b	otuxa
we13	lime otuxa we53
we53	we13 win
web40	mcnc
wheps	zeppo eagle
whuxk	houxi zeppo
whuxlb	zeppo
win	we53
wivax	decvax
wjh12	mhtsa
wolfvax	mcnc
yale-comix	decvax
zehntel	sytek teklabs varian
zeppo	chico wheps whuxk whuxlb

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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